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Michigan - Senate Moves to Ban Marijuana-Infused Beer, Wine

Lawmakers in Michigan are poised to take preemptive measures in light of the looming possibility of recreational marijuana getting legalized in the state. The Senate committee unanimously passed a bill banning the production, sale, and use of marijuana-infused booze.

The author of the bill, Sen. Rick Jones, feels strongly that the cocktail would be “a recipe for disaster” if indeed recreational marijuana becomes legal.

Jones also said that the bill is necessary since Michigan voters may soon vote on whether to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use or not.

The Republican lawmaker also referred to what is happening in Colorado. Colorado happens to be the only state that allows for marijuana-infused beer, but so far it’s just a nonalcoholic version made by the inventor of the well-known Blue Moon beer. There is also a non-alcoholic wine that has been infused with marijuana.

Jones’ sponsored bill says that no part of the marijuana plant could be infused into beer or other alcoholic drinks for sale in Michigan. The bill also states that bars and restaurants will face liability if they serve marijuana-infused alcohol without knowing the effects.

The lawmaker also emphasized that Michigan has a zero-tolerance policy for people who will be found to be driving under the influence of marijuana. Jones even said in the face of opposition that “I’m so happy that instead of becoming stoners in Michigan, people will go to Canada or California instead.”

Voters in Michigan approved medical marijuana in 2008 and are scheduled to consider a ballot proposal to fully legalize marijuana for “adult recreational use” during the set November 6 general election.

Jones’ bill will move to the full Senate for consideration.

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