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Australia - Despite Gun Control, Worst Mass Shooting Since 1996 Took Place

It might be a case of the supposed “role model” not living up to the standards either others have set up for them or they have ascribed to themselves. Gun control advocates in the U.S. often look to Australia as an impressive “model” in implementing the type of policies that they hope U.S. would adopt to reduce the high number of mass shootings in the country. Thing is the purported ideal model is also now faced with the worst mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in 1996.

A report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Friday says that seven bodies- three adults and four children- were discovered on a property in southwestern Australian tourist town of Margaret River. The report further states that the police are treating the case as a murder-suicide.

After the horrific 1996 Port Arthur massacre where a gunman killed 35 people and wounded 23 others, the Australian government responded by implementing a mandatory gun buyback program.

The Australian government succeeded then in collecting over 660,000 guns. The citizens who owned the guns were given compensation for their surrendered firearms. The guns were destroyed after collection.

Liberals lost no time in heaping praises on the Aussie gun control program, quickly anointing it as a “role model.” The famous Democrat then, no less than President Barack Obama, credited the Aussie model as well. Obama said in 2015: “We know that other countries in response to one mass shooting have managed to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours, Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”

But not everything turned out as rosy as the naive beliefs of gun control advocates led by Democrats like Obama. In 2014, Australia was hit by a hostage crisis in which a “self-styled” Muslim cleric held 17 people at gunpoint inside a Sydney cafe, leaving two people murdered.

Great Britain is of course, as widely reported the world over, is now dealing with an increase of knife-related violence, until it reached the point where London mayor Sadiq Khan had to order a knife control. Imagine that- a knife control!

London’s murder tally eclipses New York’s so far this year.

The conditions and challenges facing the so-called role models now illustrate that super strict gun control measures serve as no guarantees for societies’ safety even if some data may show otherwise.

In Australia, we have not even touched on how their own citizens secretly despise their own government for taking away their right to bear arms, while not guaranteeing their safety in return. But that’s still an entire story all on its own.


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Dawn Ford No. 25780 2018-05-12 : 02:31

There must be a way to stop this.

Vic G. No. 25798 2018-05-12 : 03:22

There is a way… ban guns of course… Oh.. sorry… already did that…

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