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Fish Caught With Human Teeth Powerful Enough To Crush Oysters

Apparently, Piranhas aren't the only fish with teeth. A fish was reeled in by a couple at the Charleston Harbor in South Carolina with teeth of its own but unlike the Piranhas' sharp teeth, the Sheepshead fish has teeth more like a human. The couple was fishing at the Charleston Harbor when they caught a Sheepshead fish with an impeccable set of chompers.

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A marine biologist named Pamela said the main difference between the Sheepshead fish's teeth and human teeth is that the fish's teeth come in multiple rows. "They don't have sets where they have 'baby' teeth then permanent ones come in," Pamela said. "They can hurt and crush your fingernail if they're bigger. So you'll never see a seasoned fisherman with his fingers in a sheepshead mouth."

Pamela also described the Sheepshead fish as a delicacy that is delicious if you can manage to catch one. "They're fun but tricky to catch because you can't feel them so it's hard to know sometimes," she explained. "They are also really good bait snatchers! It's my favorite fish to eat hands down. It's firm, white meat with no fishy taste."

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The bizarre-looking fish begins growing teeth when they are just 4.5mm long and by the time they are 15mm long, they have a full set. The Sheepshead fish is typically found along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the US. The Sheepshead Bay in New York City is named after the toothy fish.

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Dawn Ford No. 25787 2018-05-12 : 02:56

WOW! Looks like he's wearing Pop's (rip) old dentures they sent me.

Anonymous No. 25797 2018-05-12 : 03:20

Poor fish. I'd like to see that stupid bitch get a huge metal hook through her stupid fucking face, and dragged down the highway behind a car, before she gets served up as dinner for another species.

Anonymous No. 25800 2018-05-12 : 04:24


Found the vegan

We get it meat is murder

Lola No. 25801 2018-05-12 : 05:17

I see the angel fish being displayed by woman on boat is enormous. Are we really this hungry? Sport fishing should include tossing the catches back into the sea. Too beautiful a display to end for nothing other than The Kill. Catch. Release.

Anonymous No. 25791 2018-08-29 : 13:48

Used to catch these guys near a draw bridge all the time when I was younger. Never low on numbers, easy to catch, and good eating.

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