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Pamela Anderson Urges Kanye To Help Her Save Assange From Torture

Like a scene out of A New Hope, Pamela Anderson has implored Kanye West to rescue Julian Assange, who she believes may be being tortured. "Help me, Kanye-San, you're my only hope." Anderson urges Kanye to take note of what is happening believing that he could convince more people to consider his side of things. "He is genius. A real world leader that young people love." She describes how (especially in the US) "they want to put him away for life or worse." The former Baywatch star gets Kanye up to speed on how Assange is being held at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London with no phone, internet or visitors. And explains her plan for springing Assange from the clutches of the elites:


I want to seek more voices and

share more about his fight.

Public support could set him free.

Media is monopolized

So some brave voices are the only

Hope to break through

All this according to a letter from Pamela Anderson to Kanye that was obtained by TMZ.

Since it's been months since anyone has seen or heard from Assange and months more than that since he signed off with his PGP key. As a result, some fear that Assange may already be dead. If he is still alive and well, you can count on the fact that many powerful people would rather he not be so. That said, likely the largest concern with assassinating the shadowy figure who has come to represent Wikileaks would likely just make him a martyr.

It's probably unlikely that Kanye could have much influence on Assange's freedom or his treatment while detained in the Embassy. Despite having become a major fan of Trump seemingly overnight, it's doubtful that mere celebrity clout will be enough to improve the situation for Julian Assange despite Sweden having dropped charges. The US would likely have him extradicted if at all possible and not even a member of a Karadashian household would be able to get him out.

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Dawn Ford No. 25845 2018-05-12 : 15:25

Free Assange ~ he is a precious lightworker

Anonymous No. 25855 2018-05-12 : 18:06

Thugcoin is amzing produkt it will go to moon

Anonymous No. 25857 2018-05-12 : 18:54

literally NOBODY cares

Anonymous No. 25919 2018-05-13 : 13:35

Anderson’s plea to Kanye comes after a several controversial weeks for the rapper

Anonymous No. 25920 2018-05-13 : 13:40

In a postscript, Anderson thanks Kanye’s wife

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