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Human-Like Robots To Begin Policing In Mega-cities (Video)

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If the recent advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, it is time to start considering the morality of giving a machine the power to choose who it kills. The leading robotic research center known as Boston Dynamics has surprised the world every year or two as they continue to unveil their technological wonders.

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The humanoid robot with physical abilities up to par with human abilities means this new form of potential robotic peace offer could be criminals worst nightmare and a soldier's best friend on the battlefield. Other mechanical robots are also pushing the boundaries of what is possible such as the dinosaur that showed Suns' players just a few years ago.

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The Halloween party-goers were in for a shock as they were greeted by a realistic nearly-life-size robotic dinosaur. While the video is from 2014, just imagine how much more robotic dinosaur technology will advance. It seems as robotic technology increases, so to do the ways to quietly eliminate high-value targets with seemingly impossible robotic targets carrying out the mission.

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In Germany, human pilots took a backseat during a flight exercise on Friday. At the forefront of the mission were robots which cleared obstacles for manned tanks and fighting vehicles. "We did a robotic breach today, which has never been done before. This is a historic moment," according to 1st Lt. Cody Rothschild, an officer with the 1st Infantry Division's 2nd Armored Brigade

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Johnny Neptune No. 25928 2018-05-13 : 15:32

The title of this ridiculous 'news article' is 'Human-Like Robots To Begin Policing In Mega-cities', yet Boston Dynamics has no current plans of actually distributing any of their prototype robots for any such police work at all.

In fact, Boston Dynamics openly admits that these robots are still in the very early stages of development, and the most recent videos show the robots struggling to stay balanced and not fall over.

You're full of shit

Nunya No. 25944 2018-05-13 : 18:06

This fake news company causes people to roll their eyes at conservatives, pretty sure that's the real goal of The Goldwater.

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