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Georgia - Chemicals Sicken Police Officers After Finding Dead Body in Motel

Three police officers in Decatur, Georgia got sick from mysterious chemicals in a motel room they responded to where a body was found on Saturday. The police officers had to be hospitalized.

Deputy County Police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell says the three officers will likely recover. They are currently conscious and alert in the hospital.

Police also think that the same chemical killed the man whose body was found in the motel room. The authorities, however, have yet to determine what exact chemical it is that claimed the man’s life.

The police have not established yet also whether the man was exposed to the fatal chemical accidentally or on purpose.

Campbell says the guest’s death at the extended-stay motel is not being treated by the investigators as a homicide.

Fire Capt. Eric Jackson said a hazardous materials crew recovered samples of a substance at the scene of the incident. An autopsy will also be performed by the medical examiner.

Jackson could only say for now: “Something in there made the officers sick. We have no idea what, none whatsoever.”

The case remains under investigation. It is not clear if the room where the dead man was found is the only room affected by the still unknown chemical in the motel.


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Dana W No. 25924 2018-05-13 : 13:49

If it smells like bitter almonds, it's hydrogen cyanide.

Anonymous No. 25929 2018-05-13 : 15:37

"The police have not established yet also whether the man was exposed to the fatal chemical accidentally or on purpose."

Savannah, why did you add the word 'ALSO' to this sentence?

are you able to construct a coherent sentence ? How did you end up pretending that you are a 'journalist'?

you don't belong behind a keyboard trying to create news copy, honey…

With a cheesy, trashy stripper name like 'Savannah', you should be back out on a street corner turning tricks just like the day Jim first met you.

Augusta No. 25942 2018-05-13 : 17:09

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Anonymous No. 25943 2018-05-13 : 17:28

No use arguing with that jerk. He's just jealous that they won't hire him. You're right though, only thing trashy is him and his attitude.

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