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Teachers, Touching, Transparency And "The Line"

We reached out to Craig Northcott, the District Attorney of Coffee County, Tennessee in regards the case of a teacher who has had multiple freshman girls complain about inappropriate touching between October 2017 and February 2018. Mr. Northcott declined citing the fact that a juvenile was involved. Sadly, this was the most concern he'd shown for the 14-year-old girls in question. Ironically, however, my question had nothing to do with the girls or the case. All I really wanted to know primarily was why he was brought in to try the case. "Conflict of interest" was cited. Are these secret conflicts of interest or might the parents and children involved and other students and their parents be made privy to these details?

George Smartt was, however, served as a county commissioner in Warren County for 24 years so that might be enough to merit bringing in "impartials" from the county over. As I mentioned in previous articles, I am still in contact with a parent of one of the girls in question and other Warren County natives. One believes that there are just as likely other reasons Smartt may be cause for "conflict". That local feels, as I do, that whatever the matter is, it should be made public knowledge especially considering this is a long time, local politician and currently on the ballot. Especially so considering he is entrusted with the care of some of the community's children as a coach and teacher at Warren County High School.

One parent I spoke with will be requesting Mr. Smartt's personnel files, which should be availabl to the public. One thing the parent would like to know specifically is what, if anything, is on Mr. Smartt's public personnel files related to the four complaints that were brought against him in the last few months. Many locals have assumed that since "nothing came of it" that means the girls who felt victimized by Smartt's intimate invasion of their personal space, must be lying.

That's the thing though, the documents show that at no point along the chain of command does anyone suggest that the girls are lying. They are believed, but still nothing is to be done. In a sense, being called liars by the locals and having the DA next door shut the case despite parents, teachers, students, principal and police all escalating the case as they felt it was serious enough to warrant such.

Multiple recent complaints have led to an investigation by DCS and the police that was quashed by the District Attorney of the neighboring county who was called in for a mysterious "conflict of interest" that DA Northcott is not willing to speak about due to the case involving juveniles. Well Bravo, Mr. Northcott, it's about time you started being concerned about these young girls. Or is there something else perhaps that concerns you in this case?

So much left unanswered for me. How did police investigator Mark Martin know to question these particular four girls. Why did it take until the fourth girl was allegedly victimized before the semblance of some investigation began? Is there a second personnel file that students and parents aren't privy to that includes such details? I honestly hate to use the term "allegedly" as apparently, the teacher never denied grasping the girls in their waist, hip and thigh regions.

And so this is the precedent that is set. As is, I'd say it's positively untenable. I wouldn't want to have a child in the Warren County school district until they figure out whether or not it's appropriate for teachers to do things that would be considered sexual harassment, abuse or assault if it occurred between co-workers of the same age. When you add the age difference and authority factor however, it makes it far worse.

What is the line, what is acceptable. Are there clear guidelines? If there are clear guidelines (as there are with the rule against fraternization out of school or via social media) are there cases like with George Smartt's public profiles, where the rules are ignored. Exactly how much dirt could one fit under this rug and how much is there now?

And it's not just Warren County. It's not just my old stomping grounds, no, this case is merely symptomatic of an epidemic. Just a few days ago I reported the story of a British headmaster who had been investigated multiple times. Each time he was warned again, "Now, come on, you know you can't do that." Each time it progressively grew worse. The Dorset Council was unwilling to comment on what happened to the third report of his sexual abuse of students. The report seems to have magically vanished. Ah well, sometimes silence can speak volumes. <a href="">Project Veritas</a> recently reported a story about a representative with a Teacher's Union bragging about defending teachers against heinous charges of sexual harassment, abuse and assault of minors in their charge. Since there's often "no evidence" the teachers often end up going scot-free.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">NEW VIDEO: Union Boss Says - &quot;This is a tough one because, if we report it you&#39;re gonna get investigated. And I don&#39;t want you to get investigated.&quot;<br><br>WATCH: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) <a href="">May 14, 2018</a></blockquote>

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My real question is, what is the line, should not the parents and kids be informed of what teachers CAN NOT do. Should they not be able to find if a teacher has been repeatedly written up say making inappropriate remarks and touching 14 year olds in the groin area. Also, why is behavior that would get someone fired if they did it to a co-worker tolerated in a situation where the age and authority divide is so great?

"It wasn't criminal," Mr. Northcott announced to an irate parent through email. Well, criminal or not, it seems a line has been crossed. The kind of line a grown man should know full well better than to cross. "Oh, I'm just a handsy guy," is not an excuse. If you have issues not putting your hands where they are not wanted you should not work with minors. It's that simple. Whether a law was broken or not, boundaries were violated and if Warren County school system has no rules in place that forbid grown men in positions of authority from touching the thighs and hips of children in their care then there might be a need to start a conversation about what is and is not appropriate. What should and should not be accepted.

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Dawn Ford No. 26130 2018-05-15 : 13:22

We have to begin really listening to our children and watching for the signs of abuse. Never again can we slumber while they face abuses from those who are supposed to protect, guide, teach.

Anonymous No. 26148 2018-05-15 : 15:07

Phillip actually comes from this same wretched area in Tennessee, and as he will testify from first hand experience, molestation and incest are a tradition in this desolate white trash wasteland.

Anonymous No. 26157 2018-05-15 : 15:39

Another case that reinforces the reasons I chose not to have children.

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