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Photo credit: Ha'aretz

Protesters In Tel Aviv Take To The Streets In Solidarity With Gaza

A mixed crowd of Israelis and Palestinians took to the streets in Tel Aviv to protest the violence in Gaza that resulted in the death of 60 unarmed protesters in one day. Around 300 gathered outside the headquarters of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party chanting and holding signs.

<blockquote>“It is unthinkable that while people are drinking champagne in Jerusalem, others are dying in Gaza,” Noga Malkin, an activist with the left-wing movement Standing Together, said to the crowd. “There is another way. We do not need to shoot at protesters, we can talk and change. Wherever there is struggle, there is hope.”</blockquote>

The protesters even managed to shut down traffic on King George street, one of the metropolis' most busy thoroughfares.

<blockquote>“The 60 people who were killed come from a place of immense pain — pain that has no hope, no water, no work, no future, nothing,” said Yeela Raanan, an activist with Other Voice, a movement of Israelis from communities near Gaza and Palestinians from inside Gaza.

“As long as our neighbors suffer, so too will we suffer,” Raanan continued, adding that the Israeli government could end the siege if it wanted to.</blockquote>

Tel Aviv wasn't the only site for such concern. Hundreds of Israelis also protested in the holy city of Jerusalem as well. Many gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's home, several also blocking the roads. From Bibi's home the protesters began a march together to the recently inaugurated U.S. embassy.

The embassy was opened to great celebration, but the day in question that was chosen holds a special significance for many Palestinians as Nakba Day commemorates the expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages in 1948.

<blockquote>“There is nothing that justifies using live fire against protesters or the dozens of murders,” Joint List head Ayman Odeh told the crowd. “This was was a massacre. The government continues to shut its eyes to the pain, desperation, and poverty of Gaza’s residents.”</blockquote>

Israel's Ben-Gurion University also had a small crowd demonstrating. Around 100 people, most of whom were Arab students. Some of the Arab students also waved Palestinian flags during the peaceful protest until they were arrested.


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Anonymous No. 26259 2018-05-16 : 15:20

oy vey goy

Anonymous No. 26275 2018-05-16 : 20:56

Nah, fuck the palestinians. A tragedy yes but where is the outrage when Hamas uses human shields and child labor? Where is the outrage when suicide bombers run around blowing citizens up? No, Palestinians don't get to complain when IQ tests shows Israeli citizens are smarter and Israel has benefits for its citizens. What does Palestine hold? Terrorists and idiots being used by said Terrorists?

Anonymous No. 26278 2018-05-16 : 22:26

Anonymous No. 26275 –

Anonymous No. 26280 2018-05-16 : 23:00

Oh muh allah! Its the nakba!

Thats an israeli concentration camp filled with arabs.

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