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How a Brave Cop Armed with a Gun Saved the Lives of Countless Dixon High Students in Illinois

In 2018 the gun control debate rages onward - heavily perpetuated by the Democratic Party and the liberal ideology which seems to believe in disarming the public - yet the heroic efforts of one man with a gun were able to minimize casualties during this week's school shooting at Dixon High School in Illinois.

For every tragic occurrence of a shooting travesty, all of which make headlines for weeks if not months, there are countless incidents of would-be mass murderers who are stopped by a good guy with a gun, but that rarely makes the front page of today's news media.

At Dixon High School, 19-year-old Matthew Milby wanted to take as many lives as possible in what could have been a bloodbath if his plan wasn't foiled.

Police say they Milby intentionally planned to fire upon a crowded gymnasium full of students, in what would have been a “shooting fish in a barrel” scenario, except those inside the gym were the precious human lives of Dixon students who will go onward to become tomorrow's leaders in America.

Milby’s attorney has argued that Matthew was a “quiet and nice kid,” the last person you'd ever expect to be driven to the brink of committing a mass murder atrocity, but that's what happened on Wednesday.

Other students who attended Dixon High refer to Matthew Milby as being both antisocial and secluded, while his own mother suggests that her son has been “sad for a long time,” but argued that he's “not a bad kid.”

Julie Milby says that her son has been subject to bullying at school for years and that just this past October he was publicly humiliated through ostracization after other students attacked him and beat him up.

Whatever Milby may appear as on the outside, there's no doubt he was frustrated to the point that he intended on bringing suffering to others.

As it turns out, the weapon Matthew used on Wednesday was a 9mm semiautomatic rifle that his mother had purchased in 2012, and despite the fact of Julie Milby stating she's unsure how her son obtained the firearm, there's now a spotlight on parents who either don't properly train their children the consequences that firearms are capable of causing as well as the fact that in most cases, only bullets can stop another shooter.

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Fortunately for the students of Dixon High, a brave police officer, Mark Dallas, was in attendance for the graduation ceremony practice in the school gymnasium when Milby entered the facility with the intent to kill.

Officer Mark Dallas’ own son was there on Wednesday practicing for his very own graduation, at which time he heard the gunfire ring out through the campus.

Amidst the screams of terrified students and parents, Officer Mark Dallas remained focuser and headed into the direction of the gunfire, while everyone else was in a panic to escape it.

Dixon, just 100 miles west of Chicago on 300 Lincoln Statue Drive, has an estimated 803 students in enrollment as of last season's statistics, edging out the most average of “small” high schools in the nation.

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As Officer Mark Dallas approached Matthew Milby, the deranged student began to open fire on Dallas, and Dallas responded with accurately focused fire on Milby in an intentional effort to stop the 19-year-old from taking countless lives, as well as saving his own.

Milby was hit, and after falling to the ground was disarmed by Dallas, in an act of heroism that showcases why it's important to not only have a sidearm in your possession but be trained to minimize the threats of would-be attackers using non-fatal targeting if possible.

Through an attorney, officer Mark Dallas issued the following statement to the community who have since come together in an overwhelming outpour of support for the hero cop.

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“He understands, first hand, the grave fears of parents who sent their children to school yesterday, believing them to be safe. With his actions, he has safely returned those students to their anxious parents,” the statement said. “Mark is humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support for his actions at Dixon High School. He genuinely appreciates those who have referred to him as a hero.”

“I didn’t think it would ever happen here,” 17-year-old Dixon High School Junior student Joe Riley, said on Thursday. “It makes it even scarier to me, that it happened even in small-town Dixon.”

Thanks to the actions of Officer Mark Dallas, a man both who has dedicated his life to protecting and serving, and who was carrying a firearm on that fateful day, Milby was conquered before he could take what could have been dozens if not hundreds of lives.

Milby is currently being detained in the Lee County Jail on a $2 million bond for three felony counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm, with additional charges possible.

Once again it proves that both American bravery, and our Second Amendment right to bear arms, as well as the loyalty of our police officers when properly suited for the job, all can save lives.

Thank you, Officer Mark Dallas.

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C.Sol. No. 26419 2018-05-18 : 10:35

Just goes to show again, how STUPID the LEFT, really is! You think criminals are going to follow your little gun-grabbing laws? Do you think a teenager, hell bent on causing pain, is going to stop, when he has his mind made up already, to kill?! Hey lefties! Guess what?! It is ALREADY illegal to shoot up a school! But guess what?! They are doing it ANYWAY! So stop trying to disarm the good guys AND the law abiding citizens! SHEESH!!! Liberalism REALKY IS a mental disorder! #MAGA

Republican Linguist No. 26479 2018-05-19 : 06:02

This post was NOT written by an American born, native English speaking person. Be very careful in using any unverified sources to support your 2nd amendment rights. Those who oppose your right to responsibly arm yourself would just LOVE to self-righteously 'expose' planted fictional material or warped versions of actual events. Don't get trapped and harm our cause.

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