By: Savannah Smith | 05-18-2018 | News
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Georgia - Preschool Teacher Busted for Running Major Drug Ops At Home

Neighbors played a crucial role when they tipped police of what appears to be a strange activity happening in their apartment complex leading law enforcement to bust a possible major drug operation run by a preschool teacher.

Neighbors led investigators to a teacher’s home, and a large-scale drug operation and police, in turn, hail the residents’ initiative as a classic case of “see something, say something.”

Armed with a warrant, Henry County investigators uncovered in the preschool teacher’s home an AR-15, a kilo of crack and powder cocaine, 30 grams of weed, a money counter, vacuum sealer, scale baggies and cocaine residue all over the apartment. It definitely proved to be a large-scale drug operation.

The preschool teacher has been identified as 33-year-old Alma Nichole Jones who works at Livingston Elementary School in Newton County. The investigators initially had no inkling that Jones was a teacher.

The investigators, in fact, were more keen at the start in staking out the apartment to observe Jones’ partner, 34-year-old Adrian Barlow. They have, however, gathered enough evidence during the raid to file the same drug charges against Jones.

Commander of Flint Circuit Drug Task Force Major Chad Rosborough said of the number of drugs they saw at Jones’ apartment: “Definitely not for personal use. Not something they had just for personal use. For that area, that’s a large number of drugs.”

Both Jones and Barlow are facing felony drug possession, trafficking and weapons charges based on what were recovered during the raid earlier this month.

The school where Jones works released a statement saying the teacher concerned is on leave pending their internal investigation.

No bond information has been released for the lovers. They are scheduled to report back to court next month.


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Anonymous No. 26432 2018-05-18 : 15:05

As we know it is the AR-15's fault.

Any one reading the dozens of Shooting & Drug Reports knows it is the weapon, not the Person(s) fault. Because these evil items take control of a good person and make them do bad things.

So Arrest the AR-15 and get deprogramming help for these honest hard working people that the AR-15 took control of their minds. ☻ ☻.

(This was Humor in case you are a Liberal Snowflake or Pinkie, that took the above serious.)

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