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Oklahoma - Taheerah Ahmad Flailed on Her 11-Year-Old Daughter 70 Times With A Pickaxe

Some crimes are just horrific and perpetrated by people so calloused they don't deserve to be called human, Taheerah Ahmad is one of those people. The 39-year-old mother was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday after nearly beating her children to death and lighting their home on fire while they were restrained inside.

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The assault took place Monday night which led to Ahmad being charged with arson, child abuse and assault and battery with the intent to kill. Ahmad is accused of duct taping her two youngest children and then violently assaulting her 11-year-old daughter with a pickaxe that left her with 70 stab wounds all over her body including her head and face. Miraculously, the 11-year-old was not killed but remains unconscious in critical condition.

The youngest child, Hafsa, was found with Ahmad when she was arrested and had no apparent injuries. Ahmad was booked into the Tulsa County Jail where she remains on no bond. According to police, Ahmad gagged her three daughters, restrained the two youngest with duct tape, and then attacked the eldest daughter with the pickaxe. Hafsa helped her 9-year-old sister escape, and she ran to a neighbor's house for help.

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When police arrived at the home, the 11-year-old and 9-year-old girls were inside, and the house was on fire. Investigators interviewed Ahmad, and she told them she was upset with her daughters "because of the way they were reading and looking at her." The arrest report reveals Ahmad had restrained her daughters during the attack making them helpless against the blows. Police found the victim with dozens of stab wounds to the torso as well as puncture wounds to her legs, neck, hands, and face. Ahmad also told police the reason she started the fire was to "further ensure that the 11-year-old was dead".

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Anonymous No. 26489 2018-05-19 : 08:18

Evil incarnate. Either she had a mental breakdown or she is a person lacking any emotion I'd guess. Either way, I feel terrible for her daughter who she used as a pin cushion. Praying for her recovery.. what a traumatic thing to have to live with knowing your own mother tried to hack you to death

Dawn Ford No. 26490 2018-05-19 : 08:40


Anonymous No. 26492 2018-05-19 : 08:44

Another loony allowed to breed.

Regarding the weapon.

Maybe peoples definitions vary, regarding what is a Pick Axe.

Because 1 blow with any pick-axe we use here in the USA would kill most adults?

A pick-axe is a 10+LBS trenching tool with a pointed spike on one end and a sharp flat blade on the other. Striking a small child once with either end , let alone 70 times, would likely kill them

So I have to ask ….Could the media have mean Ice Pick or a small rock hound hammer ?

BTW: Some Irony….. The last name Ahmad is Arabic meaning‎: Highly praised person.

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