By: Savannah Smith | 05-20-2018 | News
Photo credit: Y & R Prague

Cheers to Breast Cancer Patients with New Beer Made Just For Them

Cancer is one of the most deadliest diseases, and for patients afflicted with it, undergoing chemotherapy can not only be painful and uncomfortable, it can even affect the taste and make many food and drinks unappealing.

Thanks, however, to good organizations and individuals, and their bright ideas, something can finally be done about the problem, through a fun drink at that - an innovative beer designed specifically for women with breast cancer.

Mamma HELP, a Czech organization that helps women with breast cancer and their families partnered with Y&R Prague, an advocacy group to come out with the pioneering Mamma Beer.

One great thing about Mamma Beer is that it offers a sweeter flavor to offset chemotherapy’s negative impact on the patient’s sense of taste. It is also amazingly alcohol-free and packed with nutrients (including vitamin B and potassium) to give patients strength while undergoing treatment.

The proponents behind it also say that they’ve come out with the idea in part because doctors often recommended drinking beer, in moderation, to get some nutrition and vitamins. They’ve went the extra mile by developing beer specifically for women undergoing chemotherapy that has no alcohol and is made sweeter primarily to kill the bitterness normally associated with regular beer.

Those behind the innovative project approached nine breweries to see their dream take off, but only one said yes: Zatec. It took Zatec about half a year to develop the Mamma Beer.

So much passion and faith went into the project also because Y&R CCO of Y&R Prague Tereza Sverakova was also once a cancer patient as she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer a couple of years ago when she was only 34.

Sverakova said: “When Mamma Help asked us to do an awareness campaign for them, it was an opportunity for me to dive into these painful memories and use them to try to turn them into something good. Chemotherapy is tough, and one of the side effects that many people are not aware of is a loss of taste. Everything tastes horrible, like metal.”


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Anonymous No. 26621 2018-05-20 : 14:01

Meanwhile prostate cancer kills more men and gets less research.

Fucking selfish cunts.

Anonymous No. 26674 2018-05-21 : 04:18

Nobody has any drives or runs for lung cancer either. No ribbons, nothing.

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