By: Savannah Smith | 05-02-2017 | News
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Climate Marchers Leave Behind Massive Trail of Litter

Every campaign, rally, or big event for the love of the environment always give its advocates an opportunity to display their passions to full effect. Unfortunately, with or without them being aware of it, such events also show their hypocrisy at its worst.

Take for example Saturday's 'People's Climate March' where many self-proclaimed environmentalists converged on Washington, D.C. with their oh so "noble" goal of urging the Trump administration to invest in policies that fight climate change. After coming together with such a shared purpose for the environment they profess to love, it became apparent at the end, that the so-called environmentalists in the climate march do not really walk their talk, so to speak.

The pathetic piles of disgusting evidence were there for all the world to see, if only more people bothered to look and document, as soon as high profile celebrity climate activists Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and Richard Branson boarded their carbon-spewing private planes to go to their next destinations. The Washington Mall's grounds and surroundings were left in an ugly state littered with garbage, including paper signs, food containers and plastic bags.

Some DC residents were probably so appalled with what they saw after the 'for the environment' event that they did their own documentation and shared the pieces of evidence on social media. One photo shows even the banners and statement placards screaming the environmentalists' climate cause were just recklessly left on the streets. A garbage bin was overflowing with all sorts of plastic bottles ( aren't these supposed to be not environmentally-friendly?), drink cups, that some already spilled over to the ground.

Another photo shows more trash piled up beside an also overflowing garbage bin. The social media user asked: "So why don't the self-proclaimed planet-savers bring plastic bags for their trash? #PeoplesClimateMarch. Another user made a spot-on comment:"That awkward moment when #climatemarch protestors litter and contribute to the very thing they are fighting against."

A DC resident living near the site of the march told Heat Street how extremely dismayed he was by the "giant piles of signs and trash" left all over the park. Of course, by nature, all rallies tend to be messy, but should not the post-event behavior of so-called climate activists match the statements they passionately screamed about during the march? Would it have been too much to ask to show their big love for the environment by doing the simple act of looking after,and taking care, of their own mess? If only those pile of trash carelessly left behind and the affected surroundings could talk, too, they'd be screaming "ironic!", or whispering something more painful to the activists: "hypocrites!"


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