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Germany – Police Checks Airports For Schoolchildren Leaving On Vacation Too Early

Today is Pentecost Monday and thus a bank holiday in most of Christian Western Europe. In the rich German region of Bavaria, it is an actual two-week holiday, and thus many people take their kids on a vacation before the exam period starts. These trips have become so popular that many parents even take them out of school a day (or even two) too early in order to profit from finding cheaper flights and hotel packages.

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In Germany, as in its surrounding developed economies, the school holiday periods are the most expensive in the yearly calendar and leaving on the first Saturday or Sunday is quite expensive. Hence, it has become popular to take your children out of school a day earlier and leave then, profiting from a difference in price but, unknowingly, leaving the others behind feeling quite jealous and petty.

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However, as the problem became ever larger, from a report in most evening news-shows at the beginning of school vacations to a political promise for reform in certain well-off regions, in Bavaria it is not considered a small matter as school truancy is seen as a misdemeanour and parents can be held liable if children do not attend school from age six to 16. And thus, last Friday saw a check at Munich’s Memmingen airport from where several low-cost airlines depart to vacation destinations. All families with young children were checked and faced fines up to €1,000.

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A Bavarian police spokesman stated: "We have known about this phenomenon for a long time, and this is one of our tasks."

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"If the teacher then says that they insist on the presence of the children, we have to bring them back."


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