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Wikipedia Scandal Emerges: Who Is (Or Isn't) Philip Cross?

We could ask, "Who is Philip Cross" but perhaps a more important question would be "Is Philip Cross?" Wikipedia is a hot bed for narrative doctoring. As such, it is more surprising that it took so long for a "Philip Cross" style operation to be found out than that such exists. "Philip Cross" is a name assigned to a Wikipedia editor who is responsible for 133,612 edits to Wikipedia in the last 14 years. For the past 5 years, "Philip" has not taken a day off, an average of 30 edits per day, seven days a week in order to reach that astonishing number of revisions.

What's more interesting than the obsessive number of edits, however, is the type of changes being made. "Philip" seems to target alternative media and anti-war figures. "Philip Cross" was recently purged from the Wikipedia community, but that doesn't erase the mystery of who or what was behind the massive amount of surgical edits to the Wikipedia website.

The "Philip Cross" op even had a Twitter profile. The Twitter account would openly engage with, even taunt, those who "he" had recently attacked. "Philip" at Twitter is now operating under the name "Julian." At the moment, George Galloway is offering a £1,000 reward for the name and address of the operator behind the Twitter account and Wikipedia psyop.

This situation brings to mind that of the failed viral marketing scam that brought us Bullyhunters and the "Drew Cloud" affair. More and more I expect we'll see manufactured personas involved in narrative doctoring online. Considering the advances in CGI adaptations of humans and the emphasis on brands and organizations acting more like personalities affairs like we've seen with "Drew Cloud" and "Philip Cross" are likely the tip of the iceberg.

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