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Montana - 2 American Women Stopped For Speaking Spanish (Video)

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One week after a prominent New York lawyer, Mr. Aaron Schlossberg, erupted in a racist rant against employees of a Fresh Kitchen on Madison Avenue for speaking Spanish amongst each other, another questionable incident was recorded and later released on social media to great avail.

It happened in the state of Montana at a gas station, where two women were held and questioned as to their identity by a border patrol agent, for speaking Spanish to each other.

The women, 37-year-old Ms Ana Suda and her friend Mimi Hernandez, had gone to a gas station late in the evening (in Havre, Montana) to buy eggs and milk. The two women, who are both Mexican American, spoke briefly in Spanish to each other whilst waiting in line to pay.

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At this moment, the border patrol agent at the gas station walks up to them and demands for their identification. The women start recording the conversation as from this point. They can be heard asking the patrol agent why he asked them for their identification.

The border patrol agent: “Ma’am, the reason I asked you for your ID is because I came in here, and I saw that you guys are speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of up here.”

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Ms Suda then asks whether she and her friend are being racially profiled, to which the border patrol agent responds: “It has nothing to do with that.”

“It’s the fact that it has to do with you guys speaking Spanish in the store, in a state where it’s predominantly English-speaking.”

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Ms Suda claims that the couple was detained for half an hour

“My friend, she started crying,” Ms Suda explained afterwards. “She didn’t stop crying in the truck. And I told her, we are not doing anything wrong.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reacted to the fuss the video made online afterward, stating: “Although most Border Patrol work is conducted in the immediate border area, agents have broad law enforcement authorities and are not limited to a specific geography within the United States.”

“They have the authority to question individuals, make arrests, and take and consider evidence.”


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Anonymous No. 26783 2018-05-22 : 10:08

A lot of Illegals are using the Canadian relaxer More Open Border agenda to sneak into the less guarded US North Border.

Likely this was a LIBERAL Setup Stunt for Anti-ICE border control.

Anonymous No. 26793 2018-05-22 : 12:48

Should of be DEATAINED and removed and its the right thing to stop spic speaking spics its a sure sign of illegal aliens

Joe No. 26817 2018-05-22 : 16:02

Look 5 yrs ago i wived in an average american neighborhood some blacks some hispanic mostly white. Now its 75% hispanic and thete isnt anyway theyre legal! All u have to di is drivs down the syrert and find the house with all the new cars and trucks! 1guy started a bobcat repair shop in his driveway! Something needs to be done! They just need legal status! If ur here illeagel u need to go or pay up and learn english!

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