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Oregon School Forbids Student To Wear Pro-Trump Shirt, Family Sues

A high school student in Oregon is suing his school for refusing to let him wear a pro-Trump border wall shirt. Liberty High School senior Addison Barnes is suing the school after he was asked to cover up a Trump shirt he was wearing. "If somebody else disagrees with me politically, I think they should be able to express their viewpoints just as I should be able to express my viewpoints in school," Barnes said.

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The high school senior said he knew wearing the shirt to his "People and Politics" class on a day when the topic was immigration would be controversial, but he didn't expect to be asked to leave because of it. The shirt said, "Donald J Trump Border Wall Construction Co." and a quote from President Trump: "The wall just got 10 feet taller." Barnes said the assistant principal pulled him out of class because his shirt offended students and a teacher. "She gave me the option; either I cover the shirt up or I get sent home," he said.

Barnes said he covered up the shirt at first but then had second thoughts. "And then a few minutes later I decided, you know this isn’t right," he said. "I have my First Amendment and it’s not right what they’re doing." Barnes left the school and the school noted his absence as a half-day suspension. Liberty High School’s Parent-Student Handbook makes no mention of banned political clothing.

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Hillsboro School District’s Standards of Student Conduct does put forth a defined set of guidelines: "Clothing decorated or marked with illustrations, words, or phrases that are disruptive or potentially disruptive, and/or that promote superiority of one group over another is not permitted." One student from Liberty High school claimed the shirt supported "supremacy." "It does kind of promote supremacy, but it’s not flat out a Ku Klux Klan shirt or anything. This is just words on a shirt."

I would argue that this definition could be used against someone unjustly, if all one has to do is be "upset" or "offended" by somebody's clothing to get them expelled than maybe the next time someone wears an Obama or Hillary shirt some students should get "offended" by that shirt as well.

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Dawn Ford No. 26832 2018-05-22 : 23:23

Talk about taking away freedom of speech!

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