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Meet The Conjoined Twins Who Now Teach (Video)

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There is no question that some people have it easier in life then others, for Abby and Brittany Hensel, life has been a challenge of learning to coexist and cooperate with one another because they have no choice. Abby and Brittany were born conjoined twins, but they don't let that stop them from living fulfilled lives.

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You may remember Abby and Brittany from their reality show which first aired on TLC in 2012. Each girl was born with her spine, lungs, and stomach, but that is where their separate bodies end and everything else is shared. Each has control over one half of their body, and they must work in unison to perform basic tasks such as walking or cooking. The pair has since grown into wonderful human beings and were recently given an opportunity to teach at a children's school.

When Abby and Brittany were born, their parents were faced with a difficult decision about whether to attempt a surgical separation. Because of the risk that at least one of them would not survive, they decided against trying to separate the twins. Both of the girls have their unique tastes in things like style or food, but when it comes to thoughts, they always seem to know what the other is thinking. When writing, they use the word "I" if they both agree on something but if their opinions differ they use their names in the third person. Each has their own driver's license and passport and were both required to pass the driver's test.

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Abby and Brittany attended college at Bethel University in 2008 and graduated four years later. When they began looking for a job they found work as part-time elementary schoolteachers. School officials had concerns about how the children would react to seeing the twins for the first time so they held a special question and answer session with the girls so that the children could ask anything they wanted.

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Both girls have expressed a desire to marry and have children one day, but have been reluctant to discuss such matters publicly. In 2018, Abby and Brittany are both full-time teachers at Mounds View elementary school but have been keeping a relatively low profile since the end of their show.

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