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Video: Georgian Surgeon Sued for Allegedly Dancing While Performing Surgery

Dancing is a well-loved activity and a great form of exercise- most times pleasant for both the one doing it and the one watching the performer. But certainly not when one is engaged in such a serious procedure as surgery especially when a patient’s safety- or even life- is at stake.

A Georgian surgeon is now being scrutinized under a microscope, so to speak, for allegedly performing crucial surgeries while music blares on the background and she dances her heart out.

The surgeon has been identified as Dr. Windell Davis Boutte TMZ reports has been sued multiple times over the last few months for alleged malpractice, and the main beef of contention in said cases is that the surgeon dancing during her surgeries and even posting them online.

Some of those cases have been settled.

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Many of Boutte’s videos were used as pieces of evidence in the malpractice suit where she could be seen getting her boogie while doing a job that entails extreme focus because of the precision needed- cutting patients open.

One malpractice case even alleged that one patient identified as Icilma Cornelius was left with permanent brain damage.

The woman’s son filed the lawsuit where it was alleged that his mother suffered heart failure during a tummy tuck surgery where Boutte as the attending surgeon did not have the proper equipment to deal with the emergency at her practice. Boutte allegedly had to call an ambulance following the heart failure of Cornelius.

Boutte was also accused of causing more delay to getting the victim to another hospital as before paramedics could rush away the patient, Boutte insisted on stitching first Cornelius’ skin back together to avoid infecting the wounds, thus delaying further the woman’s transport. The son also alleged that the elevators in Boutte’s office exacerbated the already bad situation since the stretcher could not fit in there, and his mother had to be physically carried down.

Cornelius was later diagnosed in the hospital with permanent brain damage, leaving her requiring lifelong care. TMZ reports the case has been settled, but it is not certain whether Boutte was dancing again during the procedure with the victim.


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Anonymous No. 26971 2018-05-24 : 07:10

tangna neto ni doc adik ampota!

Anonymous No. 26979 2018-05-24 : 10:48

Seeing not all of my WWWW & H questions were answered that I expect of any News story.

I Googled / dogpiled and Duck-ducked her to find some deeper background info that was seriously missing:


46## Stone Mt. GA. Hwy Lilburn GA Office Location.


Her self promoting Website lists her as

"NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY known…" (well she sure is now.)

Claims "….she is discretely DOCTOR TO THE STARS!" (yeah right)

She tells the world she is "… a competent, caring, EMPATHETIC, and artistic cosmetic surgeon and skin …"

She offer discount coupons — you read that correctly….a doctor that offers and uses Discount Coupons, Specials and Deals .

Like shopping at Wally World or Crazy Al's …. BUTTOCK Fat Transfer $1000 off, SmartLipo $2500 off Upper and Lower Abdomen!

Patient review comments:

Looking at one Medical Services reviewing website. ( )

I noted that her 4/5 and 5/5 ranting comments were so well written, grammatically correct, using the Full name of the Doctor and several repetitive sentence formations. That it seemed like the same person had written them.

The one comment that stood out the most for me was was:

"When staff members are quitting and asking whether you know anyone hiring….run."

My only question is…. Why did the GA Medical Association allow her to continue practicing without reporting her?

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