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Breaking: Harvey Weinstein to Turn Himself Into NYPD on Multiple Sexual Assault Charges

There's breaking news which suggests that Harvey Weinstein is now going to turn himself into New York authorities over multiple sexual assault allegations in a long-awaited path towards justice for one of the world's most powerful and disturbing serial rapists.

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Declining to issue a comment on the representation of his client, Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman all but confirmed that Harvey would be turning himself into the New York Police Department on Friday morning.

The current charges against Harvey Weinstein are based out of London, New York, and Los Angeles, where additional claims have been made in recent months which aren't subject to surpassing the statute of limitations.

Harvey Weinstein is the sexual predator and Hollywood titan who changed the way the entire world views the heavily-liberal film and television capital of the world, and since the allegations against Weinstein have surfaced, the world has never been the same.

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It created the spawning of the “#MeToo” movement, followed by the inevitable “#TimesUp” movement, both of which have inspired women, and in some cases men, to come forward with the truth about long-suppressed sexual assaults they've been forced to hold inside, as the media, and the titans of the film industry, are alleged to have conspired to silence many of the claims for decades.

Some women have suggested that if they tried to talk about their victimhood, they'd be forever shunned and blacklisted from Hollywood, unable to obtain a role in even “b-grade” films.

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Weinstein has faced countless allegations in the last sixteen months, of which numerous victims’ crimes are beyond the statute of limitations to bring about charges against the mogul.

It's as if with each passing month, another woman comes forward in what appears to have been an entire career based upon the exploitation of women.

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The recent news that Harvey Weinstein would be turning himself into authorities on Friday only confirms a Wall Street Journal report that federal prosecutors have been engaged in a deeply rooted sex crimes case against the powerful liberal elite.

With the most recent of explosive allegations coming against Harvey Weinstein by actress Asia Argento at the Cannes Film Festival, it appeared as if the entire world around the former mogul was collapsing.

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In total, almost two dozen women have come forward with similar claims of sexual assault, rape, and sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, all of whom appear to have had similar occurrences in which the powerful.

"This moves from the court of public of opinion into an actual courtroom," said Tarana Burke, who's credited with starting the “#MeToo" movement. “That is super cathartic for a bunch of the survivors, or even survivors who are not necessarily victimized by him."

Millions of people will be watching to see the much-anticipated outcome of what could become a trial of the century, with countless women testifying against the perverted and deranged Harvey Weinstein.

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Anonymous No. 27028 2018-05-25 : 03:00


the women whored themselves out for lucrative acting roles, they're as much at fault as the fat kike

anon No. 27098 2018-05-25 : 18:31

Tucker Carlson predicted this would happen months ago. He warned women that men would refuse to want to work with them and they didnt listen. THEY NEVER LISTEN!!

Mike Pence was right! The Pence rules are now in effect!

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