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$32 Bottled Air, Is it Worth It?

When bottled water first came out, people made fun of the idea of paying for water in a bottle but it soon became a multi-billion dollar industry. Now that bottled air has arrived, will it see the same success as bottled H2O? A company called Vitality Air is offering a $32 bottle of canned air that even comes in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Root Beer, and Grape.

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The folks over at BuzzFeedVideo decided to try out Vitality Air and see what the hype was about. The video consists of trying to figure out how to open the container and when they finally get it figured out the result seems to be a bit of a letdown. Not only can they not taste the air, they can't notice any difference between the bottled air and the air inside the room. The video turns to some facts on air pollution to sweeten the deal.

The bizarre product boasts up to 80 shots and one bottle weighs 50 grams. The company's website claims the product is good for "heavily polluted areas, and maximum enjoyment of fresh, clean air." But what makes paying $32 for one can worth it? It's not clear why the product is so expensive since it just contains regular air. Judging by the can it comes it the aluminum bottle is probably more expensive than the air it contains.

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The final verdict for the product seems to be that it is not worth it at the current price. Unless you are living in a highly polluted area such as places in China like Beijing where they use a four-level alert system to warn the populace of the current air conditions. The country has even had to issue red alerts, the highest of the four ratings, to warn people not to go outside and avoid outdoor activities. But one bottle of clean air isn't going to make a dent in the problem. Until companies like Vitality Air can find a more cost-effective method of storing and delivering the clean air, it is probably not worth investing in just yet.

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