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Pennsylvania - School Rejects Graduating Student’s Wish to Wear Army Sash

A proud father is frustrated that his daughter’s high school in Pennsylvania refuses to let his child wear a U.S. Army sash to her high school graduation.

Toni Kress is graduating from Central Valley in Beaver County on June 1. Her doting father, Wayne Kress, says she’s already signed enlistment papers to join the Army. But her own school, it seems, is raining on her parade by disallowing her to wear the Army sash simply because “it doesn’t match the school colors.”

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The father is visibly upset with the school’s decision to what he thinks is a logical and even well-meaning request of his daughter. He said: “I’m very disappointed in the school.”

It would have been a matter of pride for Toni. She said: “This is such a huge accomplishment for me. Volunteering to fight for this country.”

The local media WPXI did some investigation on Central Valley’s dress code as well as the graduation requirements and didn’t find anything about wearing a sash for graduation.

The school also refused to comment on the issue. It is not clear as well if its decision on Toni wearing or not wearing an Army sash is already final, or they would be open to an appeal from the father-and-daughter tandem.

The Goldwater also previously reported a similar case in Nebraska where a high school student was given an ultimatum by the school’s principal that she either remove her Army sash or she would not be given her diploma. The school was widely criticized for being unpatriotic.

Just like Toni, the student in Nebraska wanted to wear her Army sash which was given to he by her recruiter at the Grand Island Office in Nebraska.


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Christine Krow No. 27240 2018-05-27 : 13:09

Let the kids wear what they want ~

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