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California - Watch as Baseball Park Shuts Down National Anthem and Patriotic Fans Sing Anyway

Americans love their country - and no matter how far the radicalized leftists of California try and push them - they're not willing to back down - which is what happened at a Fresno Baseball Park when anti-American Democrats tried to silence the National Anthem.

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The stunning video depicts a CIF D1 section Championship Baseball game between Clovis and Buchanan, where an announcer came over the loudspeaker and said: “There will be no national anthem.”

Fans became enraged at the social justice mantra of disrespecting our nation's National Anthem, and booing could be heard throughout the stands.

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That's when the crowd stood tall and proud and began to sing the National Anthem in unison, for they weren't going to allow the liberal ideological censorship to stop America's favorite song from being heard loud and clear.

It just goes to show that the people of this nation, no matter where they're from, are fed up with the lunatic leftists who wish to trample all over the relics of this country and the time-honored traditions, such as singing the National Anthem pre-game, in which Americans hold dear to their hearts.

California Democrats have completely lost it, and that's likely why President Trump will win California in 2020, turning the once-blue west coast haven into a deep-red “Keep America Great” state.

God Bless America.

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12 Comment/s
Vivek bachkaiya No. 27260 2018-05-27 : 17:15

This tells me the right people are still in power, as major voters and electoral college who are true Americans. God bless all of you!!!

Maria Gray No. 27262 2018-05-27 : 17:21

That is how we take back America. Organic Patriots staring the America haters down. And sing OUR SONG!

Sherry No. 27263 2018-05-27 : 17:25

Thank you California Patriots!!! I'm so proud of you!

Anna Kaminski No. 27267 2018-05-27 : 18:10

This was FANTASTIC! Wow. Thanks so much for showing this. Pls add me as a subscriber.

Paula Forrest No. 27269 2018-05-27 : 18:32

I think this is awesome! How dare those bastards say there will be no National Anthem! They should leave this beautiful country!

Anonymous No. 27271 2018-05-27 : 19:02

I love this so much. God Bless America and God Bless the good people of California. Time to take your state back people! VOTE REPUBLICAN AND VOTE THESE FILTHY DEMOCRATIC PARTY ANTI-AMERICANS OUT!

T R U M P 2 0 2 0

Chicago Sparky No. 27273 2018-05-27 : 19:13


Anonymous No. 27298 2018-05-28 : 01:43

When they finished singing, they should have took those traitorous leftist and threw them over the wall! If they can't stand up for America, then they need to leave it. HOORAY for the patriots in California! Good for you! God Bless!

Jollee No. 27364 2018-05-28 : 14:23

This brought much emotion to me this morning watching these wonderful Americans not allowing this and taking there right to Love This Country Back with they'er voices together we stand!

Jollee No. 27366 2018-05-28 : 14:29

This brought tears to my eyes this morning, tears of joy. They announced there would be no National Anthem, and The People decided different! Love you all fl;ow Americans, keep fighting the fight! Trump 2020!

Anonymous No. 27383 2018-05-28 : 17:19

Didn't hear the announcement that canceled the Anthem! Leaving that out negates this to 'fake news' labeling..

Anonymous No. 27449 2018-05-29 : 11:09


The Right is no longer tolerant.

We have played your PC game of being understanding of others for years. Only to now see that YOU the LEFT, other oddities, Moral-phobias and Anti-USA have NO Tolerance for, or of others.

I expect to see a documented swing to the Center in California. Because as my retired (Conservative) teacher sister from Fresno has said, it is just the Larger Metro centers the lean far left (LA, SF, etc..), the Valley does not.

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