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UK - SNP: “Independent Scotland Should Be A Full Member Of The EU”

Scotland’s First Minister Ms. Nicola Sturgeon is in Brussels today for talks with Brexit negotiator Mr. Michel Barnier. Her Scottish National Party released a study document yesterday in which they underlined their growing unease with the current Brexit negotiations conducted by the British government of PM Theresa May.

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Mr. Andrew Wilson, a member of the Scottish parliament and the author of the SNP’s Growth Commission report, claims that the average scot would be better off by £4,100 a year if Scotland remained in the EU and would cut loose from the UK, making the call for a second independence referendum ever harder.

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When asked what he assumed would be Scotland’s position at the end of the Brexit negotiations, Mr. Wilson responded: ”It’s not in our brief to determine what’s going to happen with Britain’s very disorderly exit from the European Union and the starting point where we find ourselves.

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“So, knowing that no-one knows what’s going on, we decided to take a look at what we would require to do no matter the outcome we found ourselves in. All we’ve said is, it’s in all of our interests to maximize frictionless free trade and the movement of people, goods, and services between us and the rest of the UK, Ireland, and Europe.”

A leading Scottish historian, Professor Tom Devine claims that the arguments made in the report as “intellectually convincing.”

Speaking to the Sunday Herald, he stated: “If the process had gone on for another week in 2014 we might have had a narrow majority in favor of Yes.”

“If it’s the vote on a knife edge this document would be much more convincing intellectually. I do think it would have made a difference.”

Scottish First Minister Ms. Sturgeon claimed earlier this week that the Growth Commission report’s results "will restart" the independence debate.


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