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ICE Revokes and Deports Naturalized Nigerian After Sexually Abusing 7-Year-Old Girl

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency have announced the deportation of a Nigerian pedophile who they say sexually abused a 7-year-old girl in Texas.

61-year-old Emmanuel Olugbenga Omopariola has been inside the United States of America since 1983, where he entered on a non-immigrant student visa via the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, only to later be granted a Naturalization Consent Judgment by the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas in 2004, according to ICE.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Now deported Nigerian pedophile, 61-year-old Emmanuel Olugbenga Omopariola. Credit: <a href=""> Texas Department of Public Safety via Dallas News</a></span>

In 2015, it was determined that Emmanuel Olugbenga Omopariola has raped a seven-year-old girl in a Texas State Court, where he later entered a plea of guilty to indecency with a child by sexual contact, a second-degree felony.

During his sentencing, Emmanuel Olugbenga Omopariola received only five years of community supervision and was placed on a sex offender registry as a result of the heinous crimes.

The ICE agency realized that this was not enough punishment for the disgusting crimes of sexually abusing a child, and due to the fact that Omopariola withheld a sexual abuse case from the Texas courts during his Naturalization process, “rendered him unable to demonstrate the requisite good moral character for naturalization and, thus, ineligible for naturalization when he took the oath of allegiance,” according to ICE. “He therefore illegally procured his naturalization.”

Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice then began proceedings to Denaturalize five child-sex abusers,<a href=""> according to a DOJ press release</a>, in which Omopariola was listed as one of the five offenders sought for justice.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: <a href=""> Department of Justice</a></span>

The DOJ, unlike under Obama's tenure, has guaranteed to restore honor to the federal law enforcement agencies which are designated to protect Americans, and this monster deserves far worse than the mere deportation effort, but their hands were tied due to a liberal court decision sentencing Omopariola to the bare minimum.

What they could do, however, was seeking out the removal of Omopariola’s naturalization court order, and that's what happened.

Living in Grand Prairie, Texas, Omopariola posed a threat to all children in the community, having already sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl, it was evidence enough that he could not adhere to the laws of the United States of America.

The last known address of Omopariola, according to the<a href=""> HomeFacts Sex Offender Registry website</a>, was 406 East Palace Parkway Room 268 at the Studio 6 Motel in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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After ICE issuing a warrant for his arrest, the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) unit detained Omopariola on April 18th and held the pedophile in federal custody pending an immigration hearing.

The ERO Dallas Field Office reports that Omopariola departed Dallas on May 23rd under an ICE escort to Nigeria, via a direct flight from JFK International Airport in New York City. He was then sent back to his native land in Ikeja, Nigeria.

“This deportation ends this U.S. chapter for Omopariola who sabotaged his own future and opportunities through his heinous crimes against a child, and his lies on his naturalization application and in interviews,” said Simona L. Flores, Field Office Director for Enforcement Removal Operations for ICE in the Dallas region of Texas. “By effecting such removals, ICE helps improve public safety and enforces U.S. immigration law.”

This can be seen as a message to not just those who enter our country illegally, but those who are granted either visa, exchange-student grants for college, or anyone who immigrates into the United States of America.

Under the Trump Administration, you will no longer be protected if you choose to violate the laws of our country.

For pedophiles and rapists? Your time of being given a free reign of terror is over. Omopariola is a prime example of how Muslim “immigrants” into the United States of America cannot simply join our society and become a part of our community.

Islam itself preaches pedophilia, abuse of children and women, and horrific “values,” none of which have any place in the free world, especially the west.

56-year-old Jorge Luis Alvarado, of Mexico; 64-year-old Alberto Mario Beleno, of Columbia; 49-year-old Eleazar Corral Valenzuela, of Mexico; and 55-year-old Moises Herrera-Gonzalez, of Mexico; are also in the process of having their Naturalization removed and deported back to their countries of origin.

Those five foreign-born pedophiles, including Omopariola, all committed crimes of sexual abuse of minor victims prior to their naturalizing.

As the civil complaints allege, such crimes rendered the defendants ineligible for citizenship from the start, although the Obama Administration clearly allowed criminals to receive a permanent stay.

By willfully concealing the child sexual abuse crimes from immigration courts, the five pedophiles also independently rendered themselves subject to denaturalization.

This is a huge victory for the rights of Americans, and for protecting our children from the most heinous of atrocities.

Members of the public who have information about foreign fugitives are urged to contact ICE by calling the ICE tip line at 1-866-347-2423 or internationally at 001-1802-872-6199.

<a href="">They can also submit a tip over the internet by completing ICE’s online form by clicking here.</a>

Thank you once again, ICE, for protecting America's most important asset: our children.

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