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Brazil - Strikes Spread As Oil Workers Join Truckers (Video)

Whereas the government is trying relentlessly to put an end to the trucker’s strike which now enters its tenth day, it would seem that the worries for President Temer will only grow as from this point. Even though he threatened on Sunday to call in the army, who indeed managed to clear some roads, the hardening of positions has only worsened since then. Furthermore, oil workers have now joined in with a 3-day strike of their own.

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FUP, the South American country's largest oil workers union, declared that its employees would not show up in the eight refineries stretching across the large South-American country.

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The FUP Union declared: "Initial information points to the workers having adhered to the strike at various locations."

"The movement is continuing through the morning when stoppages at other … units of state-led oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA or Petrobras are expected."

The economy is now starting to feel the strikes in its agriculture sector as well.

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Chicken farmers are about to slaughter some 70 million birds due to the lack of supplies. Beef farmers, a big export market for Brazil, so far lost some 44,000 tons of exports valued at some $170 million.

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At this moment, just two of Brazil’s 109 beef processing plants remain operational due to a lack of goods being transported in the country.

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Airports have seen planes being grounded whilst several cities report that supermarkets run low on food, gasoline, and medical supplies.


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