By: Red Pill | 05-31-2018 | News
Photo credit: Beaumont Police Department

Texas Pedophile Used Storage Unit to Molest Multiple Children, Paid Them $5 to Keep Silent

There's a grotesque case to report out of Beaumont, Texas where a pedophile was arrested after it was discovered he kidnapped prepubescent children and molested them in a storage unit rented for that purpose.

Law enforcement agencies say that 50-year-old Charles Grant, of Beaumont, Texas abducted at least three children to bring to a storage unit in which he was renting in the area.

The children told Detectives that Grant would force two of them to remain in his locked vehicle while he would drag them individually into the storage unit and molest them one-by-one, taking turns with the sexual assaults.

After Grant was finished with his sexual abuse of the children, he would then pay each of the young girls $5 in order to keep their silence, and even go as far as driving them to a store to shop afterwards, according to San Antonio NBC Affiliate<a href=""> Local News 4</a>.

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The young girls are reported to be as young as 7-years-old and as old as 10, and it remains unclear as of this time how they were able to report the crimes of Grant to the Beaumont Police Department.

The Beaumont Police Department believes that there could be additional victims, as is common in these cases.

If you or anyone you know has any additional information on Charles Grant or knowledge of these crimes you're urged to contact the Beaumont Police Department at 409-832-1234 where you can remain anonymous if you choose to do so.

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mort snerd No. 27638 2018-05-31 : 15:13

He's a real hero.

J. Neptune No. 27645 2018-05-31 : 17:29

A real human bean

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