By: Savannah Smith | 05-31-2018 | News
Photo credit: Oregon Police

Oregon - Employee Hires Homeless Man to Fake a Robbery to Scare ‘Lazy’ Boss

A female employee of a restaurant in Woodburn, Oregon resents the fact that her male boss would send his wife to help her open the eatery every morning while he just stayed home to rest. She then thought of scaring him and “teaching him a lesson” by faking a store robbery. The best laid fake robbery, however, did not pan out as planned and her plan was eventually busted.

47-year-old So Chanh Tran wanted her male boss at Gina’s Restaurant to help more in the store instead of asking his wife to do the chores. Tran thought a fake robbery would do the job, so she hired a homeless man she met in Portland to stage a robbery while the two women worked alone in the morning.

Things went awry however on May 24 when Tran’s hired fake robber, 36-year-old Conan Dehut, cut her instead on the arm with his knife. Investigators later found a surveillance video of Tran dropping Dehut off behind Gina’s Restaurant an hour before the fake robbery.

After being busted with the fake robbery gone bad, Tran confessed to the police that she only sympathized with the owner’s wife “because it was not fair to make her work more, and possibly dangerous.” Tran was hoping the fake robbery might motivate the owner to help more in the mornings and better ensure their safety.

Tran offered Dehut a cell phone and cash to pretend to rob the restaurant. The two even rehearsed the night before on how Dehut would carry out the robbery. Tran wanted to “make it as real as possible.”

According to the “script”, Dehut was supposed to drag the owner’s wife to the back of the restaurant, grab her clothing and threaten her by placing a knife to her throat before Tran would step in and offer him money to leave.

During the “real act” though, Dehut tried to enter the restaurant, but Tran tried to block the door while “giving him stern looks implying that he needed to do his part.”

After Dehut forced his way inside, however, Tran put money on the floor for him, which he collected and then fled. At some point, however, Dehut accidentally cut Tran’s arm with his knife.

It is not so clear as to why or how the “plan” changed or got adjusted during the moment of the incident, but Tran offered the truth about the robbery and promised the police that he would help them find Dehut in Portland.

Police arrested Dehut on Friday. He and Tran face charges of attempted robbery, unlawful use of a weapon and menacing.

It is not clear yet if Tran will be fired from her job at Gina’s Restaurant or if the incident will motivate the male boss to be less lazy just the same.


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Anonymous No. 27650 2018-05-31 : 18:31

Moral of the story? Don't hire women. You included.

Anonymous No. 27652 2018-05-31 : 18:56

nice, hire a stranger to role play your virtue signaling. sorry ass liberal. I wonder what other kinds of role play she pays for

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