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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Announces Plan to Allow School Officials to Access Firearms in Schools

Alabama is becoming the next state in line to make a drastic and educated decision in regards to keeping students safe, with Republican Governor Kay Ivey announcing a plan to allow both principals and administrators at Alabama schools to have access to firearms which are in storage on school grounds.

The change comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbott introduced a 40-point school safety plan for his state, and many other districts across the nation began to take the necessary steps to ensure all students in their schools are properly guarded and parents are guaranteed their safety.

Labeling Alabama's guidelines as the “School Sentry Program,” Governor Ivey says that designated principals and administrators will have access to a safe inside the school with a fingerprint-guided access panel in all schools that do not currently have law enforcement on campus, providing a well a rounded approach to eliminating a potential threat in a worst-case scenario of an active shooter in an Alabama public school.

Similar to how Texas would designate those teachers who pass proper firearms etiquette and safety training as “Marshals,” Alabama would then order that those school officials are “Deputized,” giving them a similar authority to a Sheriff's Deputy.

The program will, of course, be voluntary, with countless school officials have already expressed interest in this type of protection tit their students.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will be responsible for the oversight of the new program and its training, with a hope that additional law enforcement officers can be placed in schools as a precaution, and using the Sentry Program as a last resort if necessary.

Liberals have already expressed their desire to prevent this program from taking place, receiving similar complaints from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, who feel that African-Americans will somehow be subject to danger as a result of this additional protection.

Such tactics from liberals are commonplace when they lack any argument they attempt to play the race card to try and gain ground, but unfortunately, their inability to find solutions while children are dying makes their opinions irrelevant.

Governor Ivey has always promoted equality and fairness in Alabama, where public schools have far-less crime rates than almost anywhere in America, in part due to increased security and law enforcement presence.

The Alabama Association of School Boards said that while having trained school resource officers is the "optimal first line of defense" and arming school personnel isn't a long-term solution, it recognizes Ivey's desire to move quickly to protect children.

"The Alabama Sentry program appears to be a reasonable, interim solution with some sensible safeguards until the legislature can address this issue," Sally Smith, executive director of the association, said in the statement.

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Anonymous No. 27702 2018-06-01 : 13:02


Secure Our Schools

Augustus Melchizedek Roberts No. 27703 2018-06-01 : 13:04

Newton PROVED that observable MOTION is constituted by a POWER-SOURCE, TRANSMISSION & BODY and FUNCTIONALITY dictates SYNCHRONICITY between these COMPONENTS of MOTION. Educators' delay in acknowledging that the LAWS of MOTION also applies to our human BODY=CRIMINAL negligence. That delay has translated into an increasingly HEINOUS expression of the resultant DYSFUNCTION. They are now moving to COMPOUND that DYSFUNCTION, instead of correcting it. Jesus take the wheel. No apologies for CAPS, since educators seem to have trouble with their vision.

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