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Canada - Former Taliban Hostage In Jail On 19 Charges Is Granted Bail

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A 34-year-old man who was held hostage by the Taliban until being freed and allowed to return home to Canada has been granted bail. Upon his return to Canada, Joshua Boyle was arrested and charged with 19 offenses of assault, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

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Joshua Boyle and his wife were abducted in Afghanistan in 2012 by the Taliban-allied Haqqani network. During their captivity, the couple had three children. In October 2017, the Boyle family was freed by Pakistani forces in Kurram Agency, Pakistan. President Trump called the release of the family a "positive moment" for US-Pakistan relations since Boyle's wife is American.

The accusations against Boyle have not been made public other than the fact he faces 19 counts ranging from assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement and uttering death threats. It is not clear if the charges stem from his actions after the family's release from the Taliban or during their confinement. The Canadian court has issued a publication ban that prevents media from reporting on the bail proceedings or anything that could identify any victims or witnesses.

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Boyle alleges a fourth child was murdered while in captivity and his wife was raped after they were kidnapped by the Taliban-allied Haqqani network. The Taliban has publicly denied that Boyle's wife was raped and that their child was killed. One news agency who was allowed to report from the Ottawa court Friday, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC), said that Boyle's release was contingent on several conditions including GPS ankle-monitored house arrest.

The list of 19 charges against Boyle include:

One count of sexual assault while threatening to use a weapon (ropes).

One count of sexual assault with a weapon (ropes).

One count of uttering a threat to cause death.

Nine counts of assault.

One count of assault with a weapon (a broomstick).

Three counts of unlawful confinement.

One count of administering a noxious substance (the antidepressant Trazodone).

One count of public mischief (misleading a police officer into believing that someone was suicidal and missing, causing the officer to start an investigation, and thereby diverting suspicion away from Boyle).

One count of criminal harassment.

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Anonymous No. 27759 2018-06-02 : 08:23

Why does even Europe censor any court proceedings with Muslims? What did the guy do? Did he beat his family? Did he torture people for ISIS? Canadians have a right to know who is walking among them.

Anonymous No. 27760 2018-06-02 : 08:51

No. 27759 Answer…

Muslims have gained political power and have a rich leadership funding these economic refugee migrations.

They build up the numbers and then use the host governments weak Voter systems to gain stronger positions. Eventually taking control.

Besides…. Who actually believes that men, Kids and women with babies walked 1000+ miles?

Had the funds to purchase food, clothing and medical items for several months of walking? Because IF they were poor and without $$$$$ why and how could they travel 1000+ miles to Europe, arrive and thrive?

We saw the same Socialist-Democrat stunt pulled here in the USA just a few months ago.

It was funded by the WORLD OPEN BORDERS groups. Fortunately Trump took a firm stand unlike the Open Borders Socialists in the European Union.

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