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Germany - Muslims Say Bavarian Government Discriminates After Crucifix Order

A group of Muslims is accusing Germany's Bavarian government of double standards Friday as a new regulation took effect. The Islamist activists say the government is using a double standard in a new order requiring government buildings in the southern region to display a crucifix. The religious imagery is most strongly attached to the Catholic religion which is the predominant religion in the region.

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The government took no action to ban headscarves or other religious clothing that can be used to head your identity or even weapons. The one exception is in courtrooms and schools where headscarves are not allowed. Bavaria's premiere of the arch-conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party Markus Soeder is behind the decree making the display of a crucifix mandatory. The decree was first introduced in April which drew a strong reaction from opposition politicians and even some senior clerics.

The head of the Islamic Council organization Burhan Kesici said,"We believe that religious symbols and values are important for society." Kesici referred to the rulings in the Bavarian capital of Munich last March when it banned headscarves in courtrooms. He said perceiving headscarves as something negative while celebrating and imposing crosses in public amounts to "double standards".

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"We Muslims don’t have a problem with the cross or with valuing religion in the social life. However, government neutrality must remain protected," Aiman Mazyek said, another Muslim activist. "What doesn’t work is to accept Christian symbols while banning Islamic, Jewish and other symbols in public." There are around 4 million Muslims living in Germany out of a population of over 80 million people in the country.

What these Muslim activists fail to understand is that headscarves can be used to conceal one's identity and hide contraband. You don't see anyone walking into a courtroom with a ski mask on and if you do you know something bad is about to happen. No one comes walking into a courtroom holding a crucifix on their face. It is a bad comparison and the safety of every person in the courtroom should come above everything else.

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Jeffrey Allen No. 27778 2018-06-02 : 12:05

What do you expect from third world ideologues? Europe is in deep caca……but hey, Soro's wants this like he wanted to help his Jewish fellow citizens in WW2. Oh that's right, Muslims sided with Nazi intention in the Middle East.

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