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Slovenia – Melania’s Home Country Votes, Leading Candidate Vows To ‘Drain The Swamp’

With the whole world still wondering what happened to the First Lady who hasn’t been spotted in public for 22 days, many seem to forget considering the possibility that she might have gone to her parent’s home country to assist them as they vote in today’s election.

All jokes aside though, it is quite stunning to see that the home country of the US’s first lady, a small nation on the Adriatic sea of 2 million people, is about to allow an anti-immigration party to win its election with a slogan that seems to be ripped off from someone just a tad. See if you can guess who it is.

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Mr Janez Janša (pictured with his wife whilst voting today), the former Slovenian prime minister, is now heading a right-wing Slovenian Democratic party (SDS) that leads the polls. During the campaign (which some claim was paid for by businessmen close to Hungary’s Prime Minister Mr Victor Orban), he called for “draining the bureaucratic swamp” and has used social media to attack the “degenerate left.”

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During the election campaign, migration played a central role, just as in neighbouring countries Italy, Austria and Hungary in recent months.

One of the SDS’s posters depicts migrants and refugees behind a Stop sign. In a pre-election debate, one of the party’s lawmakers in parliament declared that “no migrants means a secure Slovenia.”

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Mr Luka Oreskovic, an expert on Central and Eastern Europe who has seen the rightwing shift of many countries in the area after the migration crisis of 2015-2015 stated: “Janša is quite obviously emulating Orbán” (Hungary’s Prime Minister).

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“Janša’s shift from conservativism to right-wing populism mirrors the campaign of current US president, Donald Trump. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to say that Janša would be well positioned in terms of mindset if nothing else to strengthen bilateral relations with President Trump’s administration.”


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Vivek bachkaiya No. 27807 2018-06-03 : 12:23

It's about time every country took care of their own public and drained the swamp. Well done first lady !

Bialy Wilke No. 27849 2018-06-03 : 19:42

Slovenia, Poland, and Hungary are Europe’s last stand against the muslim invasion. Support them.

Bialy Wilke No. 27809 2018-06-03 : 20:02

Slovenia, Poland, and Hungary are Europe’s last stand against the muslim invasion. Support them.

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