By: Savannah Smith | 06-06-2018 | News
Photo credit: Laura Gof

Virginia – Woman Shocked to See a Snake Come Out of Her Car’s Air Vent While Driving

It was just another leisurely drive for a Virginia woman on Monday, but in seconds her relaxed mood turned into a nightmare drive when she saw an unwanted and potentially dangerous “passenger” inside her car- a snake coming through an air vent and wrapping itself around her cellphone charging cable.

Lora Goff was driving near her work in Warrenton, Virginia when she was shocked to see a snake slithering into her car in Fauquier County. She described the snake to be about two-and-a-half feet long.

Before anything goes out of control and she is attacked by the snake, Goff summoned the presence of mind to pull over and call 911. Then she snapped photos of her “intruder.” Despite the potential danger she was in at that time, she still had the sense of humor to think then that, “Nobody is going to believe this.”

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Goff said that animal control arrived in time and exerted much effort to remove the snake from her car. But the unwanted visitor was persistent and determined to prolong its unwelcome stay as it retreated and hid out somewhere in the car.

The responders and Goff tried everything to trigger the snake to come out and be captured from running the airconditioning really cold to running it hot. Goff said there were so many suggestions coming in from everyone on how best to bait the snake to resurface from its hiding place.

Despite the numerous efforts, Goff eventually just gave up and drove home, knowing that the snake could still be in her car somewhere, notwithstanding. She said what was supposed to be an easy ride home turned “nerve-racking.”

Goff said: “I just kept moving my feet on the floorboard to scare it.”

Once home, Goff decided to try to bait the snake by putting glue traps under her seats. Soon enough, she found the snake stuck on one. She got her goal of getting the unwanted “passenger” out of her vehicle for good.

There have been some instances of snakes showing up unexpectedly in places recently around the region. Police said that the increased rain could be a factor as snakes usually search out a dry place to stay.


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tab No. 28035 2018-06-06 : 15:28

humans are afraid of everything. i rescued a Coachwhip snake from the highway one day and put him in my car to take him to a safe place for release. as soon as i opened the door, he bolted. lol…. smart snake…

Anonymous No. 28036 2018-06-06 : 15:34

Harmless ratsnake. Poor critter

Anonymous No. 28046 2018-06-06 : 18:59

Lol. How could animal control let her drive without getting the snake out of her car?

Anonymous No. 28037 2018-06-06 : 19:19

Lol. How could animal control let her drive without getting the snake out of her car?

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