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China - Cyclist Fined For Towing Car On Back Of Tricycle (Video)

It's not every day you see a man towing a car… on a tricycle! That is just what commuters in China saw when a man towed a sedan on the back of his motorized tricycle.

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Surprised drivers were aghast at the risky method of towing the man employed and some even filmed the comical scene on their cell phones. Somehow, the cyclist managed to get the sedan on the cargo compartment and towed it merrily down the highway. Police caught the man who told them he had recently purchased the car and was trying to take it to a scrapyard in order to sell parts of the car.

He obviously put some serious thought into how he was going to tow the vehicle which is much larger than his tricycle. He even accounted for the extra weight in the front of the car from the motor which is why more of the back end of the car is hanging off than the front.

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The man was fined $200 dollars and received 9 points on his license. If you aren't aware, China uses a "Social credit system" that keeps a tally of everything a Chinese citizen does and if a person earns too high of a score they are banned from flying, buying a home, or securing loans.

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