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North Carolina- Major Drug Trafficking and Arms Dealing Syndicate Brought Down

Law enforcement agencies in Mt. Airy, and Red Brush, North Carolina have announced the takedown of one of the largest drug trafficking and arms dealing syndicates in recent history, where authorities uncovered methamphetamine, Roxicodone, marijuana, and countless firearms along with cash.

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Mount Airy Police Chief Dale Watson and Surry County Sheriff Jimmy Combs, in cooperation with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation; made a joint announcement of the arrests of 54-year-old David Worth Steele, who they say is the ringleader in a major regional distribution network of illegal narcotics and weapons.

The case begins after a three-month long investigation, where law enforcement first busted a transport vehicle being driven by a Dobson woman that contained nearly 600 grams of highly-potent methamphetamine, which at street prices averaging $100 a gram is nearly $60,000 worth of the dangerous narcotic, leading to her being held on a $3.2 million bond.

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The climax of the investigation came within the last 72 hours, where authorities say they obtained a search warrant for 2528 Red Brush Road, which sits on the boundary line of Red Brush and Mt. Airy.

Once authorities executed a search warrant at the residence, they would discover one of the largest narcotics and weapons cache in state history, even finding an illicit manufacturing operation which fentanyl was being laced with prescription opioids, a deadly combination that the Drug Enforcement Agency has said is responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of lives across the country.

“Through our investigation, we believe these pills are counterfeit 30mg Roxys or roxicodone believed to be laced with fentanyl,” said Combs. “These pills match other pills we have recovered from undercover purchases that tested positive as fentanyl in a laboratory by the Department of Homeland Security. We have also recovered matching pills from victims that had overdosed on opioids.”

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<b>The total amounts of illicit narcotics, cash, and weapons seized during the raid are as follows:</b>

• <i>Four kilos of methamphetamine, which is equivalent to more than 4,000 grams, or 9.2 pounds. This enormous seizure is estimated to have a street value worth more than $408,000;</i>

• <i>Around 900 total counterfeit roxicodone 30mg (oxycodone) prescription narcotics, which investigators say is laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl. The street value of these pills is believed to be $1 per milligram, making this seizure worth $27,000, potentially more due to the fentanyl contents of the pills;</i>

• <i>17 additional 20mg oxycodone tablets, of which hold a $1 per milligram price range, making those prescriptions having a street value of $340;</i>

• <i>Police also found 18 pills of 1mg alprazolam, more commonly known as Xanax, which holds a price range of $5 per milligram and providing a street value of worth $90;</i>

• <i>They found 6 pills of 10mg hydrocodone, more commonly referred to as Vicodin, of which sell for around $1 per milligram, making these pills hold a street value worth $60;</i>

• <i>18 pills of 2mg clonazepam were found, more commonly known as Klonopin, with a price range at around $1 per milligram, making this seizure worth $36;</i>

• <i>A total of 33 grams of marijuana was found with a total street value of $660;</i>

• <i>Authorities also uncovered a total of 17 firearms, of which were multiple varieties including semi-automatic rifles and handguns;</i>

• <i>Miscellaneous drug paraphernalia was found scattered throughout the residence, suggesting that drug use also occurred inside the residence;</i>

• <i>$6,300 in United States currency was also found inside the home.</i>

At the time of the execution of the search warrant, there were no residents inside of the premises, but authorities were tipped off that the homeowner and his companion were at a home on 134 Jasper Lane in Lowgap, North Carolina.

Upon arrival to the premises with the SWAT team, law enforcement took both 54-year-old David Steele and 56-year-old Lisa Johnson Wolford into custody.

“For the last 13 months this has been a model partnership at every level,” Combs said of working with the Mount Airy Police Department and SBI. “We have truly been blessed with the things this team has accomplished.”

Steele is being held on a $2,015,500 bond for the charges of 2 Counts Felony Trafficking Methamphetamine, Two Counts Felony Trafficking Heroin, One Count of Felony Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell and Deliver Marijuana, One Count of Felony Maintaining a Drug Dwelling.

Wolford is being held on a $2 million secured bond and facing Two Counts of Trafficking Methamphetamine, and Two Counts of Trafficking Heroin.

The suspects could face additional charges for numerous stolen vehicles and weapons found on the premises, authorities said.

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There were multiple stolen and legally obtained handguns, shotguns and rifles; drug paraphernalia such as digital scales, packaging, and containers; stolen property including a Ford F-350 box truck, a 1999 Ford F-450 truck cab and chassis, two fuel trailers, an industrial portable generator with work lights, a Surry-Yadkin electric power meter and three utility trailers according to the police statement.

The home has been raided countless times in the past, where narcotics have been found inside the home, including a raid this past April 2016 and December.

“As a result of the search warrant, officers seized 29 grams methamphetamine with a value of $2,900, drug paraphernalia, three 12-gauge shotguns, one .38-caliber pistol, one .22-caliber rifle, one .380-caliber pistol and $9,855 cash,” said Sheriff Jimmy Combs said of the December raid.

In April of 2016, 2.2 pounds of methamphetamine were found at the residence.

Steele has multiple pending cases in court for receiving stolen property as well as the stolen vehicles.

The two are now scheduled for a September 4th court appearance.

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Beautiful Cloud Woman No. 28279 2018-06-09 : 21:32

Great work … our children will be safer

tab No. 28287 2018-06-09 : 23:52

it's the drug WAR that's causing the problem and deaths. how about legalizing drugs and stopping the police-state, wee-hour, flash-bang insanity? that's what trump said BEFORE he became president. what a pussy…

Anonymous No. 28315 2018-06-10 : 12:39

I see the liberals are upset for 2 reasons.

1. Many liberals will need to a new recreational drug dealer by next Friday.

2. NOT even one evil self shooting AR-15 was confiscated ☺. I guess the AR-15s ran off on their own. ☻

Anonymous No. 28316 2018-06-10 : 12:40

tab No. 28280 —-How about Death Sentences for Major ADDICTIVE Drug Dealers?

Anonymous No. 28320 2018-06-10 : 13:38

A handful of guns, mostly .22s, a piddling amount of dope compared to everyday busts around Charlotte, and less than $50k. What makes this the biggest bust in recent NC history?

Don't lift the text of an article from a little shirt tail newspaper and post it. Write something you dug up yourself, if you ever actually dig anything up.

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