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Oculus Is Testing Technology That Can Patrol The Border In Virtual Reality

The co-founder of Oculus Rift Palmer Luckey is working on a solution for guarding the United States-Mexico border using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and a few tall towers. The technology behind the "virtual border wall" was announced last year but new details about Luckey's new tech were revealed Monday.

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Luckey's company Anduril Industries is boasting a surveillance system called Lattice that could survey the motion of potential illegal immigrants from up to two miles away. Lattice is based on well-established security technologies which employ a combination of cameras, LIDAR, and infrared sensors to capture images of the border.

Artificial intelligence then analyzes the data and determines if the object is a tumbleweed, a car, an animal, or a person, based on a host of factors such as gait. Luckey says the artificial intelligence behind the Lattice has been developed and nearly perfected by computer vision experts over the course of several years. The AI is so powerful, it can even bypass the need for expensive zoom lenses and thermal detectors that other border security startups require.

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Author Stephen Levy donned a Samsung Gear VR headset during a Lattice demo and he was shown a direct video feed of the border, in real time. If anything moved at all in the image, such as a human, a vehicle, or an animal, the system automatically highlighted the object and gave an alert as to the probability of certainty that it has correctly identified the object, all in real time. The revolutionary new tech has already helped border agents catch 55 people and seize 982 pounds of marijuana.

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Anonymous No. 28546 2018-06-13 : 03:07


Anonymous No. 28551 2018-06-13 : 05:16


they already use high technology imaging systems at the border, similar to the system at Area 51, and it still doesn't matter. They still come across. We only catch a small percentage of them, because we are stupid and weak.. We suck at everything we try. We are all talk, and no action. That's why the world wipes their feet on us. We deserve it.

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Anonymous No. 28553 2018-06-13 : 05:23

Look at the stupid picture accompanying this story. The system thinks there's a 91% chance that the SUV is a 'car', an 88% chance that the guy wearing a white Oxford and blue jeans is a 'person', (no shit, Sherlock) and a 97% chance that the TWO guys exchanging drugs and money are 'ONE person'…

works great, huh ?….

stop wasting our time…

Anonymous No. 28577 2018-06-13 : 11:33

So instead of a AI why can't they give people the job of identifying if it's a person or not? More jobs better economy! The AI doesn't need a job!

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