By: Savannah Smith | 06-13-2018 | News
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Minnesota - Girl Attending Winstock MusicFest Gets Her Head Stuck in Truck's Tailpipe (Video)

A young woman went to the Winstock Music Festival in Winsted, Minnesota probably determined to have the time of her life, which she did accomplish except that she may have had too much fun for her own good- and protection. The “fun” included a story she can tell until the day she gets old- her head got stuck in the tailpipe of a truck.

It is not clear how she exactly got there or what triggered the incident, -or accident- as the case may be. What’s glaring is alcohol may have something to do with getting into such a sticky predicament.

The McLeod County Sheriff’s Department confirms that the young woman was cited for underage drinking. Authorities did help, of course, to get out of the tailpipe safe and sound in one piece but they also made sure to escort her from the grounds once her head was removed from the exhaust pipe.

The task was certainly far from easy that the Winsted Fire Department had to be called in. The responders had to use a power saw to help them extricate the young woman’s head from the truck’s tailpipe.

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The truck is of course owned by someone else. There is no word yet if the owner charged her for any damage to the truck because of her little accident.

It is not clear if she sustained any injuries from the mishap. But based from how she reacted to the Facebook video of the incident going viral and being viewed over a million times, she appears to be okay, if not in high spirits.

While local media have taken care not to reveal her identity to “protect” her especially since she’s a minor, she seems not to mind. She even “outed” herself on Facebook, proclaiming in a post that “Yes, I’m the tail pipe girl, whatchu know about it?”

Oh well, at least she had herself some fun- while literally keeping her head on her shoulders. We could only hope that with the counsel of years and ‘growing up’, she can also ensure she has a good head on her shoulders, and that this incident-slash-accident can only make her wiser.


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Richard No. 28558 2018-06-13 : 06:49

You guys need an English language proofreader ? The number of errors does make it easy for your enemies to mock you.

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