By: Steve Dellar | 06-13-2018 | News
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Florida - Woman Goes On 6-Minute Racist Rant Over Bad Manicure (Video)

An unidentified woman, clearly displeased with her manicure result, went off on a 6-minute racist rant against the owner of the Bali nail spa in Lutz, Florida, who is clearly from Asian origin and who at all times kept a calm demeanor whilst being called the most horrible names.

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Though the customer is aggressively complaining to the female owner that not only did she not get the top coat to her manicure, but that the person who did her nails “should have learned English when coming to America.”

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Ms. Karen Vu, the owner of the said Bali Nail Spa in Lutz, is patient and polite at all times as the woman continues to complain.

Customer: “You sound nasty, your language sounds nasty. It actually sounds like you were born out of a f***ing hermit crab.”

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Ms. Vu: “Thank you very much for your advice.”

Customer: “If I wanna go to a nail salon, I want them to talk English so they can understand when I want a gd* top coat.”

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Ms. Vu: “Whatever you say.”

Customer: “If they don't understand the language they should go back to their own country- period.”

At this point, Ms. Robin L. Roether, who was recording the incident on her phone, claimed she could not sit by and stand the woman's abuse any longer. Jumping into the conversation, she said: “I have to say, I think you're being pretty nasty.

“You don't call them hermit crabs,' Roether said. 'You're being f*ing nasty. Get your a out.”

Ms. Vu, in an interview with ABC Action News afterward, claimed she didn’t take offense: “I don't mind what she said because she doesn't have control over her mind.”


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Anonymous No. 28596 2018-06-13 : 14:47

Too lazy to do her own nails, but can racially bitch how others do it for 6 mins…?

My Suggestion all local area nail locations BAN HER.

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