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Record Number of Americans View Globalist Robert Mueller in a Negative Light

There's a new poll from Politico which suggests that a record number of Americans now view the globalist puppet behind the witch hunt on President Trump - Robert Mueller - in a negative light - a 26 point jump in less than a year.

Last July, a similar poll was taken in which only 27 percent of Americans viewed the “Special Counsel” in a negative light, but in 2018 that number has hit 53 percent overall, even soaring amongst the Democrats and Independent voters.

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There are an estimated 24% of Democrats, 33% of Independents, and 82% of Republicans who view the globalist puppet Robert Mueller in an unfavorable perspective; much of which comes from his inability to accomplish any criminal indictments related to either the Trump campaign or the Administration.

The current cases Robert Mueller have brought forth charges on are in no way, shape, or form connected to the Candidacy of President Donald J. Trump; and all of the alleged Investigations date back several years prior to the campaign ever launching.

The “fake news” mainstream media carefully attempts to manipulate the phrasing of the indictments as to not mention the specific timeliness of the alleged crimes committed by individuals who once affiliated with the President, and none of those media outlets, including the supposedly-Conservative mainstream media networks, make any attempt to clarify this to the general public.

The American people can see through this witch hunt, and they're witnessing the successes of the Trump Administration both domestically through a thriving economy and via foreign policy as President Trump promotes international peace with the highly successful Singapore Summit meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, where the pair made history.

The numbers are undeniable at this point, and Mueller has nothing left to stand on after a year of wasting millions of dollars to find zero evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by either the President or his Campaign let along any Russian collusion or meddling which the Democratic Party continues to lie over.

With these numbers showcasing that the American people are unforgiving of this wasteful spending and voracious attack on our liberties, they're all but ensuring that a Trump 2020 reelection becomes a landslide nationwide.

As always, the silent majority stands with President Trump.

Contact your elected officials. Tell them to shut down the wasteful and politically motivated witch hunt of Robert Mueller.

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the House of Representatives.</a>

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the United States Senate.</a>

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Beautiful Cloud Woman No. 28602 2018-06-13 : 15:43


Anonymous No. 28604 2018-06-13 : 16:34

I do not support the waste of tax $$ on a politically motivated Trump hunt! If both sides were scrutinized equally I'd be all for it, but the publically available evidence shows the dems planned this as a fail safe just in case DJT won the election.

Anonymous No. 28617 2018-06-13 : 21:16

RedPill, there are 25,000 times more people who hate trump, hate YOU, and realize that youre grasping for straws because youll say anything to make it appear as if trump isnt a stupid douchbag.

Anonymous No. 28622 2018-06-13 : 22:33

No. 28604


"The other kids at my school hate you too Red Pill, because you're a dummy and trump is a big dumb poopyhead!"

Kids these days wasting time hating strangers they'll never meet, it's a sad sight.

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