By: Savannah Smith | 06-15-2018 | News
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Georgia – Official Guilty of Sexual Harassment Shockingly Declares #MenToo Movement

DeKalb County District 7 Commissioner Gregory Adams in Georgia is the subject of an ongoing sexual harassment claim made by a subordinate. But during a public meeting, he made some stunning announcement that surprised everyone.

Adams declared himself the face of the #MenToo movement while he also denied the allegations against him. He countered that “people are trying to exploit and extort and get money from you for their own profitable gain.”

The #MenToo is, of course, a play- if not dig- at the #MeToo campaign of women who have experienced sexual harassment sparked by the revelations of stars and workers from the entertainment industry who accused powerful and influential men in the industry of sexual misconduct.

Sexual harassment claims against Adams were made last year by his then subordinate Ashlee Wright, who worked as one of the staff in his office. Wright told investigators that Adams made sexual advances which she said she rejected.

Wright offered proof then of her allegations against Adams in the form of text messages and voice recordings. She showed one text message she said came from Adams where the Commissioner asked Wright to send a picture of herself wearing a bikini. She claimed also that Adams made attempts to meet her in a hotel room at 3 a.m.

The county later found Adams guilty and asked him to undergo sensitivity training.

Adams is also facing a civil lawsuit in court, which asks for $750,000 to settle. Should he lose on that one, the money will go to taxpayers.

Adams is adamant, however, that the charges against him are nothing but a “vicious lie.”

The Commissioner insists he “isn’t capable of harassing a woman” because he said he also suffered a traumatic experience himself. Adams said: “Because, while I served in the military, I was raped- was sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier. And I live with this every day of my life.”’

He also added that he’s been married for 38 years.

A lone person applauded Adams after finishing his remarks. Adams then silently left the room while the rest of the commissioners adjourned without acknowledging his announcement.

Adams also has some challenges ahead in his political career as he faces a run-off election for his seat against Lorraine Cochran-Johnson in July.


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