By: Earnest Jones | 05-13-2017 | News
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Survey Finds The More You Know About Jews, The More Prejudiced You Are Towards Them

PEW Research conducted a recent poll studying religious and political views of central and eastern-European countries came out on Wednesday. The main point being hatred for the innocent Jews, who never did anything to anybody, but are nonetheless hated for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

A report from Breitbart said that the survey, was conducted by the PEW from June 2015 to July 2016 through face-to-face interviews in 17 languages with more than 25,000 adults ages 18 and older. The survey spans an area running eastward from the Czech Republic and Poland to Russia, Georgia, and Armenia, and southward from the Baltic States to the Balkans and Greece.

Among those surveyed were residents of 18 countries, finding less than 50 percent of respondents indicated they would accept having Jewish family members.

There were variations in Anti-Jewish sentiments across different countries, with some nationalities more predisposed than others to open hostility to members of the Jewish faith. A third of Armenians polled in the study said Jews should not be citizens, significantly higher than the median anti-Jewish sentiment measured in other countries.

Nations with large Jewish populations prior to the Holocaust registered higher levels of anti-Jewish sentiment, including Lithuania (23 %), Romania (22 %), the Czech Republic (19 percent) and Poland (18 %).

Based on the fact that the countries with the most experience with Jews are also the ones least likely to like them is all because of ignorance and nothing else.  Implying that it might have to do something with, say, creating communism and then killing tens of millions of people across these countries is just pure hatred. A small number of people in the Czech Republic believe faggotry is wrong than in many western European countries.


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Anonymous No. 2878 2017-05-13 : 02:54

>Source: Dailystormer

Couldn't you at least have posted the links to the studies?

Anonymous No. 2880 2017-05-13 : 03:44

What is the point of this news site? This article reads like a bad /pol/ post. If I want unfiltered red pill spitballing that can't be share with regular people in my real life, then I just go to /pol/. I would've thought this website would at least aim for a level of palletability such that I could show articles to friends and family, like most other news sites. So… what IS the point then?

Anonymous No. 2883 2017-05-13 : 05:22

>tfw too intelligent for anti semitism

Hudson No. 92641 2018-12-13 : 21:06

I like it when folks get together and share ideas. Great blog, continue the good work!

Malcolm No. 94188 2019-05-18 : 11:12

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