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Canada – Ex-GF Faked a Rejection Letter from Guy’s Dream School to Crush Him

The young Canadian man was a talented clarinet player who worked even harder to give an impressive performance on his audition and make it to his dream musical school with a $50,000 a year worth of full scholarship and be under the tutelage of a renowned clarinet teacher. He was crushed instead to get a rejection letter from the school in Los Angeles, only to discover later through serendipitous events that his manipulative ex-girlfriend faked his rejection letter and set him up for failure.

Now, Eric Abramovitz is determined to set things right by suing his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lee for $265,000 in damages for ruining his dream, betraying him and almost succeeded in crushing him.

Abramovitz was a college sophomore studying music then at McGill University when he applied for a two-year, full-scholarship program to finish his bachelor’s degree at his dream school, the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles. He spent many late nights in practice rooms to prepare and ensure he will be outstanding in the audition and get the nod of his dream mentor, Yehuda Gilad, regarded as one of the best clarinet instructors in the world.

Abramovitz rather thought he did well in the audition, but his spirit almost crushed when he received a rejection letter later. The scholarship at Colburn would have set him up for a high-paying symphony career.

The truth is- as the clarinet player would painfully discover later on- he got accepted in his dream school but his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lee, viciously deleted the acceptance letter, and made up a fake rejection letter from the school and sent it to him.

Lee also posed as Abramovitz and replied to the school’s acceptance email, telling them “he” would not accept the scholarship since he planned to “be elsewhere.” Lee’s devious act made the two parties feel they’ve been rejected by the other, without knowing they’ve been had.

Devastated, Abramovitz decided to just finish his studies at McGill. He broke up with Lee months after his crushing “setback”’ for unrelated reasons.

The truth came to Abramovitz only in 2016 when he auditioned for a graduate program at USC, where Gilad also teaches. Gilad asked him why he was there considering he “rejected” him a few years ago. The two men faced each other with the mutual knowledge that the one rejected the other.

Gilad’s surprising reaction led Abramovitz to seek for answers. He went back to his emails and forwarded the rejection letter he received from Gilad in 2014 to him. Gilad replied that he never wrote it.

His friends help him get to the bottom of things. He thought of testing some of his ex’s old passwords to sign into the account that sent the rejection letter, and that’s when everything came together for him. The account’s recovery information was his girlfriend’s email and phone number.

Abramovitz decided to sue Lee for $265,000 for damages including loss of reputation, educational opportunity, and two years of potential income. Around $37,000 of that final amount was added on by the judge for Lee’s “despicable interference”’ in Abramovitz’s career.

Abramovitz said: “It was really devastating to feel that incredible betrayal. It made me think of our whole relationship and it made me feel like everything might have been a lie.”

Today, thankfully with his talent, Abramovitz has found success in his professional life, being with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and he was also recently appointed the associate principal clarinetist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He also has a new trustworthy girlfriend.


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Dan No. 28891 2018-06-17 : 00:22

Why did she do this in the first place? If they were still together and on good terms what was her motivation for doing this? That's a pretty big hole in the story don't you think?

Anonymous No. 28906 2018-06-17 : 04:05


I read the original source- says the girl is missing so she has yet to give her version. Wonder how she could have done that. The guy is clueless. Must be a heartless bitch.

Anonymous No. 28923 2018-06-17 : 07:40

At least he's doing well! Karma will catch up with the bitch.

Anonymous No. 28929 2018-06-17 : 08:25

Stick it to her.

While Hell hath no fury like a scorned women. A man should get his weight in flesh for such acts above and beyond.

BTW: Everyone, add to your avoidance list "Jennifer Lee", as an understand individual to engage with.

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