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“Sperminator” Banned from Fathering More Kids in Israel

He is a dedicated and hard-working father, except that he does his thing for a profit and now a whole nation wants him to stop. A prolific man impregnating women in the insemination business may soon find his source of livelihood gone.

42-year-old Ari Nagel dubbed in Israel as the “Sperminator” says that Israel’s Ministry of Health is banning his sperm. Nagel has fathered 33 children in 10 years, many of them born to New York women after he ejaculated into cups in public restrooms including at a Brooklyn Target and a Starbucks.

His woes now in Israel started after a 43-year-old woman agreed to fly him to Israel last December with the plan of freezing his sperm at a private clinic. An employee in a private clinic, however, disposed of his sample and informed him that the said facility was not allowed to store his sperm.

Nagel believes the employee recognized his name and alerted health authorities who then gave the instructions to the employee to dispose of his sperm.

Israel’s Health Ministry even went out of its way to write a letter to the prospective mother informing her that Nagel’s sperm cannot be used in the country and that they have warned all sperms banks in Israel not to accept Nagel’s sperm.

There’s a reason for Nagel’s rejection. The law in Israel states that sperm donation should be anonymous, the donor and the recipients should not know each other. Nagel is, of course, very popular for the services he delivers.

The mothers claim they chose Nagel in the first place because he is known, precisely why he continues to be in high demand.

Nagel and his “clients” in Israel tried to go around the law by exploiting the exception to the law that allows a donating male to be known to the mother if he signs a document committing to be a co-parent to the mother.

Nagel signed the said document with the woman who wanted his sperm, along with six others would-be mom who have frozen his sperm in Israel. The women who have already paid for the annual storage amounting to $1,400 a year are not allowed to retrieve the sperm.

The Ministry of Health refuses to recognize Nagel’s fatherhood pledge, arguing that his record of impregnating many women is an indication that his vow is neither sincere nor reasonable.

Nagel is married, and outside of his “business,” he is a real father to three children aged 4, 7 and 14.

The 43-year-old woman who wanted Nagel’s sperm is fighting back, however, by suing the Ministry of Health for the right to use Nagel’s sperm. The case is now pending in Israel’s highest court.

Meantime, Nagel, a CUNY math professor, while waiting for the highest court in Israel to solve the women’s woes, continues to field sperm requests from all over the world including England.

Seven babies were born this year from his donation from various states in the U.S., while ten new babies are on the way.

It is not clear how much Nagel charges the women for his sperm donation.


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This is petty bologna.

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