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Oregon - Person Sets Self On Fire In Portland Park

If you were at the park in downtown Portland across from the Multnomah County Courthouse Tuesday you would have seen a human torch. Witnesses say a person in the park read a manifesto about homelessness and mental health and then began pouring a dirty colored liquid all over themselves.

One witness said they thought the person was hot and attempting to cool themselves off with water but when they pulled out a blue lighter they knew something wasn't right. "It was just like those monks," Scot Baughman said who witnessed the incident from a nearby bench in the park. Baughman works as a server in the area and was in the park located at Southwest 4th Avenue and Main Street when the self-immolation took place.

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Another witness named Donna Maxey was also in Lownsdale Square at the time of the incident and saw everything unfold. Maxey says she saw a person enter the park on crutches and barely able to walk. They also donned a red scarf around their neck as they sat down in the grass. "They sat down and her papers were blowing away," Maxey said. "They sat there for a while looking at their papers." Witnesses did not agree on the gender of the person with some saying it was male and others like Maxey reporting female.

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Maxey went on to say the person "was reading a statement about homelessness and mental health issues" when they started to scream. That is when they "got out a gallon bottle and poured what looked like dirty water over their head. I thought maybe they were really hot," Maxey said. "All of a sudden I saw blue lighter." Baughman, who was walking through the park, corroborated the events saying the victim "stood up, completely engulfed in flame."

Baughman admitted his first impulse was to take a photo, but thankfully for the victim, he decided to rush to their aid and use the shirt off his own back to try to extinguish the flames which he said: "would just not go out." Another bystander called 911 as Baughman struggled to put out the flaming person. Baughman said a sheriff arrived with a fire extinguisher but the person's head was still on fire. "Finally, they came over with a fire extinguisher," he said.

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The victim was reportedly wearing just a "tank top and shorts". Baughman added the burned clothes made it appear like the person "had nylons on". The majority of the victim's body was badly burned but was alive when they were taken to the hospital. Neither witnesses nor authorities could provide any further details about why the person lit themselves on fire.

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Anonymous No. 29183 2018-06-20 : 11:33

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Please exercise safety for others and do this in open areas to avoid harming others.

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