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Nigeria – Professor Fired After Being Caught on Tape Soliciting Sex from Student

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A male university professor in Nigeria was caught on tape allegedly demanding sex from a female student in exchange for giving a higher grade. The university has since fired the professor for the serious allegation.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) fired accounting professor Richard Akindele following a probe into allegations of sexual misconduct.

A statement from the university quoted its vice-chancellor confirming that the voice on tape soliciting sex from Masteral student Monica Osagie was Akindele’s.

The vice-chancellor also said that Akindele’s sexual request in exchange for better grades was a “scandalous behavior that has brought ridicule to the name of the university.”

The university also said that the professor has compromised the university’s reputation by portraying it as a place where “’teachers and examiners trademarks for sexual favors.”’

Osagie secretly taped a phone conversation she had with Akindele to establish evidence against him.

It was discovered during the investigation that the professor even concealed Osagie’s real examination score as part of his strategy to have sex with her in exchange supposedly for better grades.

Osagie earned a grade of 45, which is considered a passing mark by the university grading.

Akindele made a counter-accusation that it was him who was sexually harassed by Osagie in the first place to get high marks but the university council said there was no evidence to support such a claim by the accounting professor.

The issue reached Nigeria’s Senate when the legislative body also called for a “full-scale investigation” into the student’s allegations earlier this month. Lawmakers also passed a motion to probe the rising number of sexual harassment cases in the country’s universities.

Akindele’s firing is being hailed as a victory for many students who hope it will serve as a deterrent to predatory sexual behavior on Nigerian campuses.


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Africanus Niggerasaurus... No. 29353 2018-06-22 : 04:20

Me, not you,

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