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Catholic Priest Slaps A Baby Because He Won't Stop Crying (Video)

Two parents were shocked when a priest slapped the hell out of their child, literally. The baby was crying hysterically and was obviously frightened by the haggard looking old man in front of him but the priest refused to back down and repeatedly told the baby to stop crying. While he is speaking in what appears to be French, Kidspot in Australia translates the video and claims the priest says, "It's a tantrum, this is called a tantrum. I will spill water on the forehead, hmm?"

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The crying child is being held by a woman who is believed to be the boy's mother and a man who is believed to be his father. The baby continues to become distressed and cries even louder. The creepy old priest says, "And then, I'll kiss the little kid - because he'll have become a little Christian. Ohlalalala!" Clearly, he becomes befuddled as to why his heavenly powers are not calming the child because next, he slaps the child. Hard.

The mother instantly tries to pull the child back to her saying, "Sir, we don't hit him." It was the father who ultimately had to intervene and snatch the child from the old priest. The people in the video have not come forward to identify themselves so the location the clip was taken from is unknown. I've got a tip for the old priest, maybe kissing babies isn't your forte, having you considered trying out for a new Conjuring sequel, this one can be called "The Priest".

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Anonymous No. 29339 2018-06-22 : 02:41

every damn time!

Anonymous No. 29349 2018-06-22 : 03:37

He looks like pedicure.

Schermann No. 29357 2018-06-22 : 05:41

I didn't know that Planned Parenthood did christennings now?

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