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Georgia – After His Divorce Becomes Final, Man Kills Ex-Wife’s Lawyer


When a couple’s divorce became final, the ex-husband from Georgia got so upset that he took it against his ex-wife’s lawyer by shockingly killing him. After carrying out the cold-blooded murder against his ex-wife’s attorney, the man then killed himself.

Cartersville police Lt. M.E. Bettikofer said that Walter Samuel Radford’s divorce was finalized at 12:04 p.m. on Wednesday, and two hours after that, the 33-year-old ex-husband fatally shot his former wife’s attorney at his law office. The authorities said that 41-year-old lawyer Antonio Benjamin Mari’s body was found in his office where he was shot multiple times.

Bettikofer said that after murdering Mari, Radford called his ex-wife Cindy Radford to confess that he had shot Mari. Radford then broke into Cindy’s home where he shot himself. His body was discovered at around 2:40 p.m.

Mari had earlier shared with his colleagues that he had a bad gut feeling against Radford. According to Mari’s fellow attorney, Wade Everett, while Mari didn’t give details, the lawyer shared his misgivings about Radford, that he felt he could harm him.

Mari was so concerned about his security that on Thursday, Everett said they even discussed security at their office.

Mari’s murder shocked the Cartersville community where he had worked for almost two decades as a high school history teacher and later an attorney.

Mari is survived by his wife, and tributes for him from the community continue to pour. Fellow Cartersville lawyer Lester Tate said: “He’s just one of the nicest, most easy-going people you could imagine.”

It is not clear if Radford is suffering from any mental health issues, or if he has not moved on from his separation with his ex-wife that the finality of their divorce would lead him to do such a horrific act against her lawyer.


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Jeff Allen No. 29497 2018-06-23 : 14:59

Someone should look into the statistics of murdered lawyers since the advent of no fault divorce. I would think advocates and magistrates would be extremely visible targets of vengeance. Especially with groups such as MS13, BLM and Antifa. Who would think woman would wear "pussy" hats or what the army used to call, "cunt" caps in today's society? Exciting times, eh?

portly No. 29517 2018-06-23 : 18:52

one less pos attorney on the planet millions to go.

Anonymous No. 29526 2018-06-23 : 22:16

Savannah Smith, the idiot who typed "he took it against his ex-wife’s lawyer by shockingly killing him.", which doesn't make any sense. Savannah can't construct a coherent comment. The first paragraph of this stupid 'story' is just the letter 'I'. Savannah is a prostitute

Schermann No. 29533 2018-06-23 : 23:37

Marriage largely means nothing these days! People react badly when they realise that their souls are now seen as just a commodity to be traded. Trump should EO rescind gay marriage laws back to civil unions only.

king henry No. 29553 2018-06-24 : 00:55

the first thing we do lets kill all the lawyers

Anonymous No. 29584 2018-06-24 : 06:49

Johnny N., I take it your mother was a prostitute. How sad. Still, no excuse for your constant, useless blathering. Shut the fuck up, you useless waste of skin.

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