By: Steve Dellar | 06-25-2018 | Weird
Photo credit: Magoffin County Sheriff's Office

Kentucky - Naked Man Claims ‘He May Be Jesus’ Before Starting Fire

A naked man attempted to set a house on fire, and when chased and arrested by the authorities for attempting to commit arson, the man identified himself claiming he “may be Jesus.”

Magoffin County Sheriff Department Deputies Jonathan Holbrook and Cory Cook responded to a call on June 18 reporting of a naked man causing trouble in one residence when he poured gasoline around the house and then grabbed a service wire that provided electricity to an outbuilding on the said property.

The owner of the house also said that Johnson went into his car and took several items and then went walking up the road with his front sun shield.

The homeowner tried to stop the man, chase him away and fired warning shots from his gun. The intruder only became more hostile and even shouted that he would burn the house down.

The naked man got into a car in front of the house, only to get out a little later, and walked on down the road. He was found by the authorities about 75 feet away from the property’s gate, laying in the grass. And that’s when he tried to give his identity to the authorities saying he “may be Jesus.”

As if he didn’t cause enough trouble, the man tore out a cord in the rear radar of the cruiser just as he was being transported to the sheriff’s office for questioning.

His real identity was later established as Austin Michael Johnson, 31, from Indiana.

Law enforcement also found out later that Johnson has run away from his family. It was not the first time that he has gone missing.

Johnson has no known criminal history. It was not established why he ran away from his family, or if he is struggling with mental health issues.

The police, noted, however, that Johnson may be under the influence of drugs.

Whatever is troubling Johnson, he still must face accountability for his actions. He was charged with third-degree burglary; first-degree indecent exposure, first offense; third-degree criminal trespassing; second-degree criminal mischief; giving officer false identifying information; and public intoxication-controlled substance.

No court date has been scheduled for his hearing.


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