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Netherlands - Terrorist Attack On Newspaper’s Head Office (Video)

De Telegraaf, the largest daily newspaper in the Netherlands, specializing in sports and crime, was hit by an attack as someone drove a delivery van into its main building overnight. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Editor-in-chief of De Telegraaf, Mr. Paul Jansen, explained that the newspaper had been receiving threats on several occasions but that the motive remained unclear: “Unfortunately, journalism has been a target for attacks more than once. This is a cause of great concern, but we will not be intimidated."

“Last week Panorama and now us, the free press is under attack. It is a worrying development.”

The paper’s crime correspondent, Mr. John van den Heuvel, was already under heavy police security as he wrote an explosive series on organized crime in The Netherlands.

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As mentioned by the editor-in-chief, last week, a rocket was launched at an office in the same part of Amsterdam housing several magazines (among whom ‘Panorama’), although no one was hurt in that attack either. At the time, a 41-year-old man was arrested but police later released him due to lack of proof.

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It is clear to the Dutch government that, given both attacks, someone is targeting the press in their country.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on twitter that the terrorist attack was "a slap in the face for the free press and Dutch democracy."

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The driver of the van escaped in a getaway car, probably driven by an accomplice, police said.

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Both suspects remained at large on Tuesday morning as Dutch police started a manhunt.


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Anonymous No. 29775 2018-06-26 : 12:01

Why is it whenever I read stuff like this the 1st thing that comes to mind is Salty Mudslime?

Anonymous No. 29776 2018-06-26 : 12:07

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tab No. 29782 2018-06-26 : 13:45

give the invaders two options, LEAVE OR DIE.

Liberals Love Them No. 29813 2018-06-26 : 18:39

This a great example of the LEFT demanding our Tolerance, while allowing anything they support do as it pleases…. As long as it wasn't a Liberal Newspaper.

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