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Georgia – Deadly Drugs of Meth, Carfentanil Led to Seven Deaths Across State

Authorities are warning about a dangerous and deadly new drug combo appearing in Georgia that experts say has already killed at least six people across the state this year.

No less than the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has issued the warning as it confirmed that a killer combination of drugs the state crime lab has never encountered mixed before has turned up twice in Georgia in recent months. The new drug was involved in drug seizures and even more often in autopsy results.

Experts suspect that the drug is a combination of meth and carfentanil, a large-mammal version of the deadly drug fentanyl. GBI crime lab drug supervisor Dennen Kilcrease said: “Carfentanil is 100 times stronger than fentanyl itself, so it’s very deadly at such a low dose.”

Kilcrease also shared that the two samples of the meth-carfentanil mix turned up in the Augusta vicinity, one in November and one in February, even as the lab results came in much later.

The GBI also confirmed the combination of drugs has turned up in drug screens for autopsies carried out at the state crime lab. Nelly Miles with GBI confirmed that there were six cases where people have died because of having the mixture methamphetamine and carfentanil in their system.

Aside from the six cases this year, there was another overdose death in 2017 where carfentanil and meth were the only drugs that registered on the screen, bringing the total cases linked to the new deadly drug to seven.

Investigators say, though, that normally they can’t tell from a drug screen whether a combination of drugs was ingested at the same time. All seven of the cases happened to be from Augusta vicinity, either in Richmond or Columbia counties.

Kilcrease is warning anyone not to buy any illicit drugs in any form on the street as it may kill users.


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with 7.5 billion human meat-munchers on earth, i say hand this shit out for free.

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